If you are familiar with Liquid Stranger’s music pre-Rottun, then you’ll know he is a very versatile and capable producer in IDM/Chill, which is one of his biggest passions.  So he opens 2012 with a new release on the Interchill Label comprising of his biggest passion, downtempo/chill/IDM vybz.

The album consists of 13 tracks plus a hidden freebie that you can get from Interchill’s Bandcamp page, as below.

It’s dreamy, floaty music that wouldn’t go amiss on a wildlife documentary on dolphins or witnessing the growth of natural habitat on film in slo-mo.

In all honesty, it takes me back to early IDM stuff and whilst that ain’t no bad thing, it doesn’t live up to the promise of his previous masterpieces on Interchill “The Intergalactic Slapstick”, nor “Arcane Terrain”.

That isn’t to say it is in any way disappointing, it’s just not what I was expecting/hoping for.  I think, for me, it just lacks that bit of warmth and emotional expression and Martin ain’t no stranger to that, as his previous offerings fully demonstrated.  However, that would explain it’s title and maybe that is exactly what Martin set out to achieve with this album, to weave icy cold frozen tapestries of intelligent music but devoid of emotion.

Saying all of that, it’s defintley worth investigating/exploring as it is masterfully produced and concieved.   Soncially, the sound-design, complexity and intelligence of what he creates cannot be faulted.  It should lead on to him being asked to score some music for movies/documentaries.

Liquid Stranger – Burst by interchill

Interchill PR:

Liquid Stranger re-surfaces with a new album, Cryogenic Encounters, due for release January 2012. Never one to repeat himself and always up for a creative challenge, the Stranger brings us a fresh and distinctly analogue sound. Some aficionados may see a link to the early days of laid-back and chilled out IDM, others may just hear brilliantly produced and finely detailed dreamy electronic music. This album of deeper tunes has given the Stranger the freedom of long introductions, gentle builds and vast atmospheres. Some of the modular patches are particularly epic – there’s some classic dual TB303 work – and it won’t come as any surprise that here at Interchill we really appreciate the Stranger’s formidable abilities in sound design, melody and arrangement. In this digital-only release, mastered by Vincent Villius [aka Aes Dana], all the right aural ingredients come together to make this sonic concoction something special to immerse oneself in over the quiet winter months.

For all the fans of the Stranger’s harder edge, you’re encouraged to kick back and get into a mellower and more cinematic side to his musical persona. Rest assured, he’ll be dropping the bass later in the fall with The Renegade Crusade, the much anticipated follow up to The Arcane Terrain.

Other tracks from Cryogenic Encounters are on YouTube – follow the cat …
Cryo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzT8O6DBflo&feature=related
Zeal – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlqIPNIG1aU&feature=related

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