One of my musical highlights of 2011 was the Brujaton “Karolina” EP by this dude, just totally got lost in it.

He follows it up in 2012 with the “California” Ep and by also creating his own label BoyHouse Limited, which is gonna specialize in Brujaton and Creep Bass stuff.

The new EP is inspired by David Beltran’s trip to California hence its title and it’s gonna be one of my faves of 2012, I can confirm that already!

David creates the unique kind of atmospherics, which just really get under my skin.  They give me great hope and make me feel that I’m totally in another, more beautiful, world.  I luv living in that other beautiful world where his music takes me and it always depresses the hell out of me when I have to come back to reality.

David is one of my favourite producers right now and if this dude doesn’t make it into the big league, then this world really does suck!

Going back to the EP, it contains 2 cuts that I have already stuck on 2 compilations, “Creep” used on MoombahLuv II and “Like This”, which I stuck on The New Wave Of Moombahton.

The rest of the tracks are just as gorgeous and glorious.  He sticks on the best ever remix of “United Groove”, in fact better than the original track, imho.

Go and buy it cause you need this in your life, like I do, and go and do some stalking!

Grab this freebie:

††† – †hholyghs† (STLKRFxxx remix) by starfoxxxchicago

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