Of course I’m late. I haven’t met a deadline all year.

I wanted to compile a selection of tracks that I loved that didn’t land in any of my other mixes (I think this makes mix number 12 for the year… really narrowed down the selections), and I reached out to Khal from www.rockthedub.com and Adrian from www.thefreakbeat.com to supply their favorite tracks of the year as well.

The Trillbass track hasn’t been released yet, and I’m one of a handful of people that hold the master of that Coki track. I also have no clue if the Space Jesus remix was supposed to be consumed publicly, nor do I know whether he considers it finished, or what it’s actually called. He just left it on my hard drive, and I found it as I was shuffling through files this weekend.

As per usual, this mix is a one shot with no effects. I hope you enjoy and share around. This has been a fantastic year in music, a fantastic year in my life, and Generation Bass has gone from 2 million to 3 million visitors. I want to thank you all for allowing us into your lives, and wish you a happy 2012!!

Disc Jockey Nappy – Best of 2011 by Disc Jockey Nappy

01. Kastle – Sea Legs ft. Powell
02. Starkey – Villagers
03. Sduk – TeeHee
04. Rustie – After Light
05. Nero – Reaching Out
06. Space Jesus – FuckingLastOne
07. DKS – Feel 4 U (AFK Remix)
08. T Vicious – Ouch
09. Hatcha & Lost – Why So Serious
10. Mistabishi – Industry Whore
11. Kromestar – Jabber Jawz
12. Stagga – Wild For The Night
13. Badklaat – Freq Skank
14. Youngman – I Warned Ya
15. AdHD – Inside Out
16. Mighty High Coup – Boom (Klever Remix)
17. Coki – Macca
18. Lil Wil – Bust It Wide Open (Crizzly Remix)
19. Aeph – Faith
20. Bro Safari + Nerd Rage – Real Life
21. MRK1 – Power
22. Jogo – Fffuuu
23. Trillbass – Drunk As Fuck
24. Dodge & Fuski – Fuck Em All


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