Back again into the new year, sorry I have been so slack with posts. Slight mix of summer holidays, sex and pure laziness but things are back on track.

2012 will determine the future of Moombahton, in a way every year will determine a genre. But 2011 proved to be a huge step in the still raw genre. We have seen a huge amount of demand and to answer the call an amazing arsenal of producers more than capable of delivering.

What excites me the most is the producers specializing in their own fields jumping on the new hype and 2012 will show a massive increase without a doubt


Funk D has been straight killing in his field of Dutch, with massive classics that I will drop in almost every set. Not suprising seeing some Dutch producers jamming out with Moombahton, however did not expect to see Funk D doing a bootleg of Skrillex’s Cinema track, would of predicted some kind of dutch influenced track. Regardless Funk nailed it on the head


First heard this track like most of us on none other than one of Diplo’s mixes that feature some serious amounts of exclusives (hella jealous). Couldn’t expect much more from one of the most diverse producers in EDM period. Sticky K taking influence from one of the most unexpected cultures and turning the track into a peak time banger. In my home town there isn’t much of a Moombahton following but without a doubt, dropping this track gets a massive reaction


What I love most about Moombahton would be the boundaries…sorry the no boundaries. Producers have gotten influence from almost every genre and even spread to cultures like we have seen with the Sticky K track. Young indonesian producer, Angger Dimas has had a fucking successful career in production, working on almost every genre so it was expected to see him hit Moombahton. Releasing hsi debut EP under Laidback Lukes label. Hoping to see more producers jumping on Moombahton and even more cultures. Congorock please!


– Sanka

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