I’m sorry if I cut things a bit short this week but I’m having a little trouble focusing. I was just diagnosed with stage 2 hypertension (super high blood pressure). Which is a little frightening considering I exercise regularly, am only 30 years old and don’t eat THAT bad. Now I’m on some medication that makes me a very dizzy and undergoing some tests to see what the deal is. Wish me luck! Still I bring the cumbia this week and I bring some great ones. There’s a lot of cool happenings going on locally too. I’m looking forward to Roman TurboSonidero Zepeda’s visit to Phoenix tomorrow night. I set him up with a cool gig and a nice after party that he’ll rock until the early morning.

As I stated above this week is short with the writing but heavy on the cumbia goods.

I’ll be starting with arguably the greatest producer around of cumbia-dub, El Barba Dub. Always moving forward in unique directions while showing his true talent, El Barba Dub brings us this nice remix of a classic reggae tune by the legend Lloyd Charmers.


Keeping with some experimental cumbia-dub next up is Rafael Aragon’s re-dub of a remix by Nickodemus of Flowering Inferno’s No Soy Del Valle (did you follow all that?).


Nahuatl Sound System produced one of the most interesting fusion tracks I’ve heard in a long while. It’s deep and brilliant.


Abel Digital always brings one on a spiritual journey with his productions. His new one is no exception. One must turn it up loud to experience all the textures it has to offer. Take a trip into Abel’s creative afro-digital experiment.


One half of Caballito digital record label is the great Grita. He and Bigote share many of their unique graveton productions with us regularly. This is his newest monster with a pulsating bass, rainforest textures and dope percussion.


Alto Peru released what I consider a perfect mix that shows off their unique sound we all love so much. I can and have listened to this mix over and over.


If that mix didn’t fill you up then get ready because here’s volume 2!


Juan Data is a good writer; you should read his write up about Alto Peru here http://music.remezcla.com/2011/latin/meet-alto-peru-nu-cumbia-ode-to-san-la-muerte/.

Mix an lfo bassline, hip hop and cumbia and you’ll find a smooth production coming from the hands of Pueblo resident Stereo Revuelta. I’ll make it easier for you to find. Here it is.


I have to hand it to Augustin Sound System for bringing a unique nostalgia for the Mexican readers (listeners) to his newest production. This one may be a little to insider for most of us but I want to post it here anyway for those that will get a kick out of it.


Le Cumbianche Disco posted this little teaser up this week by La Furia con Lujuria called Sonora Love. I can’t wait for the finished product but here is a cool taste of what’s to come.


I’m going to explore my iPhone’s potential a lot more thanks to Sonidero Lastone. Because this came out really cool.


Always fighting the good fight Kuto Quilla Selektah dropped his new remix this week of Manu Chao’s Cladestino. Kuto really did a unique remix here with this one. It’s more than worthy to be up on this post.


Quickly becoming one of my favorite producers is El Rey Llama. His new track is a great example of his creativity. I will say it’s a dub influenced piece of genius if you don’t mind.


Another 3Ball master with non-stop dope releases is Mr. Kanti W. Fresh off the laptop comes his newest beast.


With one brilliant mind comes brilliant work; with two brilliant minds one should naturally assume brilliant work comes twofold. And that assumption would be correct. I have an example to explain. First Pa Kongal remixed Iron Man and then came along Fiestas Pirata co-founder and colleague Spike Devil Disco with an extension.


One last bit and then I’m out. Recently brought to my attention is this awesome cumbia mashup of Fatboy Slim vs Vetiver Bong featured on Bong’s Cumbia Weapons Vol 2. Check it out.


I apologize again if it appears I’m not on top of my game this week. Next week I’ll be more alert and ready to write. The “good” thing is I live with two women who keep on me every time I try to sneak something bad into my body with threats of “don’t you’re gonna die!”

I’m going to be just fine. I promise! Have a good weekend and coming week!

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