Not all of this works but there’s some really nice stuff on it, first track in particular.

Nu Cumbia Chill!


The time that we live in today, time in the awareness of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and consciousness of human beings and all living creatures, it expands.

The time has come to our original connection with the source of the universe awake.This magnetic connection that is in motion, magical and powerful in its root with the earth and the deep knowledge of our ancestors.

Music, dance, consciousness, love, struggle, respect for nature and all living, beating heart living, full of love, strength, change, believeness, hope, that we can live a life in all its splendor, alternative, independent of this system and society that day to day more and more shows that its not good for us , and for all the creation (Konsumo + technocracia).

Human beings can not buy everything, can not through war and tirany to have everything, we are a part of the Pachamama, we do not have anything or were aren´t made to posses.

We are bright, pulsating stars in the great festival of our universe were we danced our dream dance.

This mix of music which with all pleasure and gratitude electronative handled the call.

This is simple music, basic concepts, Harmony, melodies, instruments, with influence of modern sounds “Native Roots” (original roots) mixed with electronic music, samples, beats, percussion.

With the hope at the end we realize we do not need technology anyway.

Wachi is an ep that was putting together themed that represent that approach, that trip to our original connections through fresh, powerful music to dance the dream, vibrate and connect.

[KR003] WACHI-Inti che by KONN®


Our global village has helped bond cultures which roots are sometimes thousands of kilometers apart. What has happened in London with the nu-asian movement and New-York with afrobeat is now occurring in Berlin with a surge in modern Native music. This great multicultural alternative city has recently given birth to one of the most avant-garde, cumbia inspired, Andean/Amazonic flavored movements, equally creative as the music scenes of Buenos-Aires or Mexico City.

Intiche is at the heart of this movement. His projects: Intiche & Pachazonica, and some specias guests like Nim alae mc from Guatemala, Adora Ariam Nigeria-Germany merges native, sounds and electro propped up by rebellious protest lyrics. 

Born in Buenos aires (Arg) 1975, intiche starts his journey into the music at the age of 12 years old, 
als he gets his first guitar from his grandfather. 
He founded his first band when he was 14 and didn´t stop playing on stage since then. 
he starts to producing the style electro nativo-mestizo 
at the beginning of the 2000 century. 
He Developed in: Amazonic steppers, andino breaks, new cumbia roots, electropical, electro patxanga, urban beats. 
Now he lives in Berlin (Ger) and plays in Europe and soon Southamerica with his own projects:Intiche & Pachazonica.

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