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If you want to make Moombahton, you gotta know about this fucking palmtree.


Ok, i’m just posting this because i’m getting tired of nobody mentioning one of the most crucial people in Moombahton. Who am I talking about? Nibootoo.

Now a lot of you might not know that name, which I find sincerely ridiculous.
This has nothing to do with you personally, because he has never been mentioned other than in facebook conversations. I’ve always tried to keep his importance in the picture, but after the whole rise of Moombahton it was almost impossible. New people got in the picture and the genre got a shitload of attention, which made even more people join. This is obviously a good thing, but in all that mess he has gotten in the distance.

Let me mention that he is not the only one, because a lot of important Moombahtonistas aren’t in the picture anymore. If you go to the Wiki of Moombahton (which is a cutoff version of the one Nibootoo made in the first place) you see a short story about Dave Nada. The importance of this is underestimated and a shitload of people are not in the picture anymore because of this exact reason. The Wiki always gets the first look by people that don’t know what it is and the disinformation continues.

Now for you to understand who Nibootoo is, is kind of crucial. Nibootoo is a dude who basicly kept Moombahton alive in the first days. Making sure that everyone kept being motivated about it pitching ideas to the producers about new edits and other shit – he was really fucking exited about all of this and made sure you catched that fever aswell lol. Not only that, me and Nibootoo always used to email eachother paragraph after paragraph, plotting on how to give Moombahton a bigger reach. You might ask yourself now if that was reason enough to do a blog post on him. It certainly is. People need to appreciate this shit. He had a very important blog which is offline unfortunately, it was called There he posted every Moombahton track out there on Soundcloud, every important change or happening in moombahton and made sure that everyone was connected. You think that there are a lot of Moombahton edits now, well back then there only were edits and he made sure that every single one of them was mentioned. If that wasn’t enough he even used to spam every blog mentioning Moombahton with the full story and formula in his eyes so that there was no fucking doubt that you could go wrong lol.

In my own experience, the ‘Metele Bellaco’ track wouldn’t even be there without his doing. He was really big on Afrika Bambaata so I used the ‘Planet Rock’ sample for that. Also my track ‘Despair’ has the whole ‘Planet Rock’ rhythms going on as a lil shoutout to him. Probably a lot of the early edits were his contribution to keep the genre flowing.

We started working on ideas like a Moombahton website (, Moombahton t-shirts, Moombahton Twitter, Moombahton blog, Moombahton Facebook, Moombahtonista group, Moombahton vocalists, Moombahton parties, Moombahton compilations (started with ‘Summer of Moombahton’, because of the lack of documentation on the important tracks), how to portray Moombahton, Moombahton videos, the clash between the Latin and Western roots, etc.

So basicly everything that you could think of. The whole family thing in Moombahton probably started because of him aswell. He made up the most ridiculous Moombahton sub-genres which were almost 30 in total, some of them are still in use. Sadly if you google Nibootoo nothing pops up. No Soundcloud, no Twitter, no website, no Facebook – nothing. This because his site went offline and he spends all his time studying nowadays. Except for the summer, because if you are lucky he pops up out of nowhere then haha. He guided a lot of us Moombahtonistas in a good direction and he should get his props for that as he is one of the people every Moombahtonista knows, but until now has never been credited.

And that is fucking ridiculous, because this genre wouldn’t be near as far if he wasn’t there to push everybody.
To be honest he probably doesn’t give a fuck if he gets props or not – he was just in it for the love of it.

But even though that might be the case, just out of respect I say: Shame on everyone, thank you Nibootoo.

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