Jon Kwest has been on the Moombahton scene from the start of it.  One of the first dudes I heard who laid down Deep Moombahton stuff and he has since made quite an impression on the scene as one of the most reliable guys to check out!

His debut EP on Think Twice doesn’t disappoint either as the EP is straight fire and unlike his usual stuff he goes in much harder on the Moombahcore tip on this EP compared to his previous works.  There’s also some Moombahsoul, which kinda like makes the listening experience more pleasurable.

There’s a host of remixers with our very own Jay Fay’s remix of Skratch Riddim coming tops for me as the stand out from the EP.  Tactic’s remix of The Last Don also deserves to be highlighted and he surely must be one of the most underrated Moombahton producers in the scene at the present time.

The Gulls remix is a pretty deep affair too, embracing a tribal atmospheric and a heavy nod towards Kwest’s earlier MoombaDeep works and this track could work in a variety of environments. The percussive elements strangely remind me of Adam & The Ants and I don’t think anybody else will probably make that comparison but my mind is pretty warped!

Guapo’s remix is pretty idiosyncratic, a bit man like the man himself, and so yeah, Cool Baby 🙂

Grab the Omar Comin (who??? don’t know who he he a remixer or is that the title of the track???) remix/track free!

Jon Kwest – The Last Don EP by Think 2wice


Jon Kwest is easily one of the most prolific producers in the moombahton scene and Think 2wice is thrilled to release his first official EP of original material. Having appeared on nearly every moombahton compilation of note and unleashing a massive catalog of his ‘Special ReKwest’ edits, Jon has truly shown himself to be adept at every style moombahton has to offer.

The title track from the EP, ‘The Last Don’, is a brooding, hoover driven affair with massive drums and almost tribal vocal stabs. ‘Whaddatt’ sounds like what might happen if DnB legend Dillinja decided to try his hand at moombahton. The Dutch House influence in the genre is clear in ‘Skratch Riddim’ with its big room, portamento lead. Its not all bangers though, with the warm, loping moombahsoul vibes of ‘Stabbin Cabin’. Rounding out the originals is ‘The Whistle (Omar Comin)’, an homage to everyone’s favorite stick up kid.

For the remixes, we have hotly tipped St. Louis producer Jay Fay, Think 2wice label bosses Tactic, NYC based Guapo Feo and Portland Oregon leftfield master Gulls.

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