You know if I find any good reason/angle to blog my all time favourite band, Led Zeppelin, then I’m onto faster than you can fire up your Zeppelin!

Caballo & I have had our ups and downs but I’ve always believed Music is the greatest peace-maker of them all and once again this has been proven in a tiny little way.  So credit is due where it is deserved and Caballo comes up major trumps with this Led Zeppelin cover that features on his new compilation and I have to pay my respects to that.

This is one hell of a cover of one of Zeppelin’s most famous tracks by Spanish based La Familia Rustika, it’s pure fyah!

La Familia Rústika – Whole Latin Love by

Go and grab this awesome track and the whole compilation or 2 and EP by checking into the Tropical Bass blog that Caballo contributes to and also read all about it there!

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