We’re all up in arms lately because of SOPA, PIPA and the shutdown of MegaUpload and quite fairly so we should be. All week I’m sure you have encountered many social network updates showing tremendous opposition towards these threats and actions provided by the U.S. government and their marriage to big business. This time the hypocritical movie and music “industry” is behind it. The same groups that teamed up with the 99% during the occupy protests now are on the other side. This is good in a way. It shows us that they now admit to being in the 1% and hopefully movie and music patrons won’t buy into their lies they tell in their productions showing fake empathy towards the rest of us. This is one reason I fear the new Batman movie will be terrible with all the hype about the occupy movement.

We have all encountered the good arguments shared throughout the social networking arena. How it infringes on personal freedoms and economic growth. These are all true and I agree whole-heartedly. That being said I wish to address the situation from another angle. Please feel free to argue with me if you feel I am incorrect as I encourage free debate and expression.

I see a cycle that started with the industrial revolution which brought us into the industrial age. When the age started the government stepped in by making laws and agreements to keep out of big businesses way except when they share similar interests. They did this so the economy would grow through manufacturing things quicker in the cities and factories by using machines and electricity. Farming was changed significantly causing many farmers a lot of money and freedom. There was a period of time also of open immigration (a whole hypocritical subject matter for another post) because with immigrants came cheap labor. It was a means for businesses to make a higher profit than they would be able to with the then current laborers. This was of course with the help from the U.S. government. See before the industrial age money and opportunity was spread out more to the citizens that would control their own means of business. We had to change with the times. I’m not arguing a point against the industrial age because it led to where we are today. And things change. With the industrial age came the information age where we currently reside now. Now the power and business has returned to the people similar to before the industrial revolution. We don’t need the factories as much anymore. Businesses were afraid of how the internet would change things for them. They were right to be afraid. However it’s not our fault that they can’t move with the times like many of us on the outside can. The free internet has allowed for new innovative ways for not only the U.S. but the world economy to grow. The fact that we stay in so much trouble is due to government involvement. The government sees us as a threat too. They don’t wish to change because they don’t know how to and are afraid their positions will be obsolete. This is simply not true. They must change and the first step is to not think so short term. They are teaming up with big businesses so they can retain control and continue to make big money. By doing this they are only making it worse for themselves. Instead they should be with us because in this age we are in now their involvement with big business will only hurt them in the long run. This is no longer the industrial age and we won’t disappear. We can’t return to our outdated ways of conducting business now. They’re not on board so they are desperately trying to fight their inevitable failure and downfall. As for us at the forefront of this age we utilize it by finding innovative ways to create economic growth. It’s easier for us because we are poor and have little to lose so therefore nothing to fear. Let them toil and cry but trust in the truth that they will not succeed in the end with their efforts.

What is the Internet? It is an endless network of people, information, and knowledge.

The free internet also helps me in my job. My job involves finding dope tracks like this one from Captain Cumbia. Over in Paris this dude is mixing cumbia with Balkan flavors which is a growing style I’ve happily been witnessing. This is a perfect marriage of this approach


From Paris to Peru next up I have a 3Ball from DJ Chakruna. According to my poor memory this is the first time I’ve heard a Los Mirlos chicha re-envisioned into 3Ball. DJ Chakruna is the perfect person to bring it too.


Pa Changas (the mind of Enrikisimo Deejay) reminds me of the nortec sound with his remix/mash-up. Not quite cumbia but he puts enough of it in here to make it able for me to post here. Besides that I just love it. He should explore this approach further and see what other gems he can come up with.


Pa Kongal is seriously one of the dopest innovators of the nu cumbia sound around. He takes us on a trip with his dubstep influenced cumbia refix.


Tijuana Experimental is a good name for Yelram Selectah’s experiments. We all know Caifanes’ classic departure into cumbia when they recorded La Negra Tomasa. It was darker than the usual cumbia at the time and Yelram keeps that feeling with his edit.


There are a lot of remixes, refixes, mashups and edits this week so I’m mixing them in with the main body of this blog post. And here is another one. This one is from Bongolaser. If you don’t know him you should get to know him, at least his work that is. He has a cool style that grabs my attention reminding me of something but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but I know it has to do with the beat in this track. I’ll have to add a comment later once it comes to me.


One track that stimulates my imagination is the remix GameBoy produced of Lido Pimienta’s Vida. GameBoy used the beautiful acapella along with original simple spacious dub and cumbia-step elements. It came out really nice.


Ever wonder what Cumbia would sound like Chicago style? If no then maybe you should wonder. But don’t wonder too long because I have it here for you. I can’t think of anyone more worthy of presenting this style but DJ Dice. He’s well known for his moombahton, juke and bmore stylings but here is cumbia Chicago style.


The Peronists provides a simple three step process for producing tributes to our personal idols. As he puts it:

Step 1 – Take one of your idols.

Step 2 – Sample their songs.

Step 3 – Go crazy about it.

Results: Musik

We have some idols in common apparently.


Pachanguito released this just in time for this post. A perfect fit for not only this blog but this week as well.


A perfect mix can be described in many ways. One of my favorite approaches to mixes is when they have a consistent flow. What I mean by this is a certain style that the mix doesn’t stray from. This is my opinion of course and just what I prefer. Viva La Virgen brings such a mix. It reminds me a little of Will Eede’s style but it is considerably different still.


Keep doing what you do cumbieros and I’ll see you next week after we shoot down this SOPA and PIPA threat. They are afraid and will lose no matter what. But they will lose more if they don’t learn  to change with the times.

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