Sometimes you stumble onto things. Like I did yesterday with this group of remarkable musicians/vocalists from Albania. I was minding my own business, early for a meeting and decided to go grab a cup of coffee. I found a small brochure of a small local theatre and it had a piece on it on this group, ENSEMBLE TIRANA. It descibed their music as “haunted laments from olf Albania”, so my interest was peaked. This morning I decided to go looking online for traces of their music, but damn, it’s nearly impossible to find these guys’ recordings! I did manage to find some stuff though, like this video:

I like this one a bit less, since it sounds so ‘normal’ – but here it is anyway:

this is them live, improving spontaneously? I like the sliding long tones, eerie and weird, referencing the music of Bartok..

this is killer though:

I was lucky enough to find a couple of mp3’s for you, my loyal GB peeps! check the links and grab them here:

Ago Ymeri (Légende du Nord, Région de Vlora) (03mn 57s)

C’U Keput Nje Kembe Mali (02mn 49s)

Lotet S’me Jane Thare (02mn 49s)

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