James Definate is one of my best friends. We met in high school. He moved to Jersey from Pittsburgh, and was driving when none of us had licenses (you were able to drive at age 16 in Pennsylvania and 17 in New Jersey). This new kid was 6’5, 300 pounds, drove a Jetta with one of the most ridiculous sound systems I’ve ever heard, listened to Drum N Bass, and was incredibly nice.

We started hitting parties and record stores together, and always shared music. He had 1200’s, and convinced me to get a pair. We spent hours in his basement mixing, and even longer driving around listening to these mixes on cassette tape in his mom’s Mercedes.

James went to college. Interned at Jellybean. Then Shady Records. Then graduated, and went on to the School of Audio Engineering. We collaborated on a remix of Jay Z’s Black Album (called ‘The Green Album), and continued to build. James went on to do some incredible film work (Umb consistently praises our interview of Dillon Francis, though our lighting guy seemed to take a nap), then started throwing events internationally. He’s always made sick music though.

A bunch of his friends have made a bunch of power moves in the industry. This is actually the biggest understatement I could make. People we used to talk to every day are now making numerous Billboard #1 singles. James is making tracks that are on that level, and it’s his time to shine.

I’m going to chronicle the next few months of his production, and share it with you. The next posts won’t be as lengthy, as we’re going to let the music speak for itself. He’s extremley versatile as a producer, and there’s no telling what genre he’ll pick next.


The first display is a track simply titled ‘Killer Moombah’, and will likely turn into the lead track from the Killer Moombah EP he’s wrapping up. It was made in a couple hours, and shits on almost everything in your catalog. He offered it up for free download. Please comment, repost, reblog, share around, and help my friend get the shine he deserves.


We also did a track called ‘This Is Anger’ with me actually rapping on it. It was remixed by Teeza, Spooky Bizzle, and a slew of other talented producers, but the original is still fantastic.
Nappy – This Is Anger (Produced By Definate) by Disc Jockey Nappy


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