I really like when I hear people making something completely fresh out of their own cultural heritage. This band from Bucharest, Romania is nice example of my previous statement and here`s what I`ve found written about them:

Subcarpati is an explosive mixture between old Romanian traditional music and the new beats of today. It`s an eclectic combination that brings together melancholy Romanian folk songs, Romanian unity songs, traditional instruments and the rhytms of trip-hop, dubstep, hip-hop or dancehall. Subcarpati is made by Mc Bean, Alexe Marius Andrei (writer, composer and one of the best Romanian mc`s, front-line man for a lot of electronic bands, soundsystems during the times) and Dj Limun, Denes Marius Eugen ( one of the most gifted dj from the new school generation of Romanian hip-hop). On the album you can also hear Mara`s maginifique voice, Brio and others. Subcarpati resonates of strength, soul and has a powerfull message: Respect the foundation!”



You can download their two albums for free HERE, just click on the album covers on the right once you get there.



… And some more goodies at soundcloud.com/subcarpati :


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