Starting to get a massive flood of music with Moombahton becoming an even more in demand genre than it was in 2011. With that said it is starting to get hard finding the quality amongst the quantity. However I have found a few worth sharing!


I can say with confidence Rot10 is the hardest working label in Moombahton, an amazing arsenal of artists and having the time to bring in addition up & coming producers for a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. Personally if I were given this massive chance I would freak the fuck out. But BigMakk & D-V3KZ haven’t shown any signs of anxiety when listening to these next level tracks which have set the bar fucking high for 2012 and new producers



Doc Adam being one of the producers to be part of the game since the start, racking up a massive collection of banging tracks for any Moombah set. Hopefully we get to see more of Doc Adam this year!


Loving this tech house styled tune done by new blood Yander D. Moombahton definitely needs a bit more diversity at the moment with everyone trying to make the new dutch or core banger


Will Bailey has always been a massive fan of mine, not only with his Moombahton but his early Dutch was also a missile inflicted on dancefloors in pretty much every set of mine . As well as this hot banger, Will Bailey has a release alongside Valentino Khan out early February on Mad Decent. Of course I am speaking of the highly anticipated Rukus EP


Another massive preview worth checking out, Bro Safari is probably one the producers that will be on top of his game this year, actually I would put money on him being one of the most stand out producers this year. Especially with tracks like this alongside LeDoom


– Sanka

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