I’ve got a lot of great new cumbia for this week so I’m not going to use up too much space here in the introduction. I will say though my health is looking up. I lowered my blood pressure through strict diet and exercise. I’m actually enjoying my new vegetarian diet. I’m on a new medication that shouldn’t have as severe of side effects like the last one. I lost a bit of weight too. It’s all coming along well. I wasn’t to thank everyone who gave me advice and showed their care for me. I appreciate it very much. It’s a nice thing knowing people care.

There are going to be more mixtapes than usual this week. There were just too many good ones; it would be unacceptable if I didn’t post them.

I’m always happy to post Canalh’s work here so when I get the opportunity to do so I jump at it. Canalh will be releasing his mixtape Que Re-Chumbia Parce! this weekend and Generation Bass gets first dibs on the release. It’s a follow-up of the Que Chumbia Parce! mixtape that came out two years ago. With over 6000 plays and 900 downloads, Canalh decided to bring this new one out for listening pleasure. It has a great digital presence and even involves more reggaeton than I’m used to with Canalh’s work. It flows really nice keeping a respectful cumbia feel and pace. And I like all the synth lines that come in and out. I’m glad as I said before to have more coming from Canalh.


Onto the next mixtape we are visited once again by our boys Le Cumbianche Disco down in Oaxaca. They released this really awesome mix featuring remixes ranging from Oasis to Maroon 5 to Culture Club. This mix also introduced me to an awesome Erasure cover.


A truly dope dirty sonidero mixtape comes from G. Rabbit Dirty Red Eyes. Filled with big names in the underground nu-cumbia scene this mix is truly a good experience for all the experienced and in-experienced alike.


Mash a couple ZZK greats with Outkast and you might find a remarkable little gem, even better however if Piper Street Sound is behind the production. I love what Matt came up with on this one.


Cumbia Libertad is just as smooth as it gets. The vocals mixed with the nice chill electronic sounds keeps the flow peaceful throughout.


Oh Facebook and iPhones how you’ve changed me. When listening to this next one (especially if loudly) it’s not your phone (iPhone owners), I repeat it’s not your phone.


Another great one from Tijuana selector Yelram Selectah and with a different approach is his new track Niveles. It has a much more minimalist feel with a repetitiveness that gets deep in your brain.


Andres Digital always brings goodness to the table. He made this remix for Latino Resiste – Cumbia Pacifica and here I have it for you. Here is another truly good remix.


Bringing back some good emotional memories from the days of trance anthems at their height is this awesome one by Mezcal Sound System. I love hearing Chicane’s work cumbiafied.


I have to stick with Mezcal Sound System for another mash-up because it is too good! Imagine Grupo Sonador with The Black Eyed Peas and Skrillex. Well imagine no longer here it is.


Okay just one more mash-up this week. And this one will come from Dj Guidolo with his cumbia-reggaeton work of art.


I love what this next one does to my ears. El Mulato (?) is new to me and I’m glad I got to hear to him.


Latypica Soundsystem fuses classics with modern sounds perfectly while keeping the integrity of the original. This shows love, knowledge and respect.


A new one to me is Threeroche producing down in Texas. Cumbia and hip hop flow really well together with this track. It has a dreamy contagious feel that I simply can’t get enough of. I also love how he mixes between his beats.


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