Kicking off my new Moombahton series where I play homage to some of the finest & most inspiring names from the Moombahton scene from the Original Vanguard to the New Wave!

Let’s kick off with a man whose stature in this scene grows as each month passes by.  Like a fine wine, this dude’s sound matures and improves with the passing of time.

This Moombahtonista is one from the Original Vanguard, DJ MELO!

We have an Intro to the man himself followed by a brief Q & A, the Biography, Discography and finally a Generation Bass Exclusive in the form of a special and awesome Pre-Moomabahton Mix.

What more can you ask for folks.

This is DJ Melo’s time to shine as THE MOOMBAHTONISTA!

Moombahton Remixes & Reworks by azdjmelo


The thing about DJ Melo is that some of his Moombahton tracks defy a fashion statement and that is one of his strengths imho.  What I find is that although his tracks don’t strike you straight away, I always find myself going back to his tracks time after time, and usually, a while after they have been out.  The emotional content is high and his music just grabs you and keeps you in!

Tracks like “Sientelo”, “Fat Booty”, “Es Deficil” and one of my personal faves and maybe the first Transnational Moombahton track, “Song for my Children” are already regarded by many as veritable classics in this nu genre.  As the years go by we will look back and some of these tracks will attain that majestic “Moombahton Classic” status without argument!

He is one of the pivotal and most important dudes in the Moombahton scene but he is often sorely over-looked and underrated.  Ignore him at your peril because what you will find is that after you’ve got over the latest Moombahton fad in sound, you’ll find yourself going back to this guy’s sounds and he will sound even better than you could ever have imagined, guaranteed!

Beyakeo LP by azdjmelo

Q & A

1. What was the first Moombah track you heard and how did it make you feel?

First Moombahton track I heard was by this dude named Dave Nada, the song was an edit of the song “Moombah”. To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling it. I really liked the original & Dave’s edit just sounded too slow at first. It wasn’t till I heard Dave’s edit of “Riverside” that I was sold. I thought the original sounded kinda cheesy, but I thought it sounded dope all slow & then those vocals come in, “At the club I shake my ass…”

2. What was the first Moombah track you made & when did you make it?

I made a few edits the next day & I put em on this mixtape called Moombahton Test Set. I dropped that around the end of March 2010. The first original song I made was with Pickster One, the song was “Mas Poderoso” & it was on Munchi’s “Summer Of  Moombahton” Compilation. That was in July 2010.

3. What inspired you to take a sample from a classic old Indian Love song and create one of the first Transnational Moombahton tracks and how did that track come about?

Fr33kytona EP by azdjmelo

I was trying to finish up my first EP & I wanted something kinda chill on there. The song is called “Song for my Children” because I wanted to make a song that was a mix of Latino & Indian Influences, since my kids are from that background.

4. How do you see the future for the Moombahton scene.

Thats a hard one, I would hope it stays underground. I hope the dudes making moves keep working. I hope more local scenes develop & invite me to come play haha…


DJ Melo is an award-winning DJ, and one of the most in-demand selectors on the latin and Moombahton scenes. He is a veteran of the Phoenix club scene, first at Jackson’s on 3rd, where he helped to introduce the Reggaeton sound, then at Karama Nightclub – leading both clubs into the Phoenix Times’ ‘Best Of’ issues. Melo himself was voted Best Latin DJ in its 2008 Thrill City issue.

As a member of the Muzik Junkies Remix Squad, his edits have been played across the country by top DJs, while his skills have also led to him dropping guest radio mixes for both 92.7/99.3 The Beat and Power 98.3 on Phoenix Radio.

Most recently, DJ Melo has made a major impact on the exploding Moombahton scene, and is viewed as one of its innovators – he was the man behind the influential Winter Of Moombahton compilation and was invited to perform at the 2011 SXSW festival, and also among the artists selected for the prestigious ‘Blow Your Head – Dave Nada Presents Moombahton’ for Diplo’s Mad Decent Records.

Arizonaton (Selected Tracks) by azdjmelo


Most of these tracks are still available on his Bandcamp page!!!



(03-10) Afrojack – Pon De Streets (DJ Melo Moombahton Edit)
(03-10) Afrojack – What (DJ Melo Zeggieton Break)
(04-10) Alexis y Fido ft Don Omar – Subete (Melo Moombahton Blend)
(04-10) Bad Habit Boys – Weekend (Dave Darrell Remix)(Melo Moombahton Remix)
(04-10) DJ Melo – Shake It Up (Melo Boombaton Remix)
(04-10) Tito El Bambino – El Amor (Melo Moombahton Blend)
(04-10) Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts (Douster Remix)(Melo CumbiaMoombahton)2
(05-10) Benny Benassi – Satisfaction Virtual (Afrojack Remix)(Melo CumbiaMoombahton Remix)
(05-10) DJ Melo – Sientelo (Moombahton Edit)
(05-10) French Fries – Coconut Bora Bora (Melo Moombahton Edit)
(06-10) Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Next Episode (DJ Melo Moombahton Blend)
(06-10) Sandro Silva – Told Ya (Melo Moombahton Edit) (Blow Ya Head 2 Comp) Mad Decent
(07-10) David Heartbreak – Banger (Melo Edit)
(07-10) DJ Ephx – Feeling For You (Melo Edit)
(07-10) Picksterone & Melo – Mas Poderoso (Moombahton Original) (Summer Of Moombahton Comp)
(07-10) Ralvero – Party People (Melo Moombahton Edit)
(08-10) Hatiras – The New Jam (Melo Cumbia Moombahton Edit)
(08-10) Marcus Price & Carli – Bira Weed (Hartbreak & Melo Moombahton Bootleg)
(09-10) DJ Static vs DJ Melo – Dolce & Gabbana Shake (Moombahton Segway)
(10-10) Candido – Jingo (Melo Moombahton Remix)
(10-10) DJ Melo – Dice Louder
(10-10) DJ Melo – Unfinished Business
(10-10) Oliver Twizt ft Maluca – Loca (Melo Moombahton Edit) (Fall Of Moombahton Comp)
(11-10) Oliver Twizt – Gangsterdam (Melo Moombahton Edit) (Winter Of Moombahton Comp)
(12-10) DJ Melo – Fr33kytona (Fr33kytona EP)
(12-10) DJ Melo – Hoy Se Bebe (Fr33kytona EP)
(12-10) DJ Melo – Perreame (Fr33kytona EP)
(12-10) DJ Melo – Song For My Children (Fr33kytona EP)
(12-10) Max Ledaron – El Caramillo Diabolico (Melo Remix)


(03-10) Moombahton Test Set
(05-10) Moombahton Mixtape 2
(06-10) Moombahton Mixtape 3
(08-10) TGRIOnline x DJ Melo present… Culipandeo: Volumen Tres



(01-11) DJ Melo Presents… The Winter Of Moombahton Comp
(01-11) DJ Melo – Apreta
(01-11) DJ Melo – Bien Duro
(01-11) DJ Melo – Patna 108
(02-11) Aly-Us – Follow Me (DJ David S Rmx)(Melo & Billy The Gent Edit)
(02-11) DJ Melo, Boyfriend & Jon Kwest – Boom Blast
(03-11) Pickster One & Melo – I Can Make You Dance (Moombahton Massive III Comp) Sol Selectas
(05-11) DJ Melo – Don’t Make Me Wait (Arizonaton EP)
(05-11) DJ Melo – Es Dificil (Arizonaton EP)
(05-11) Dry River Yacht Club – Sweaty Sax (Pickster One & Melo Moombahton Remix) (Arizonaton EP)
(05-11) Pickster & Melo – Fat Booty (Arizonaton EP)
(05-11) Pickster & Melo – Going Out To The Hardcore (Arizonaton EP)
(05-11) Sandro Silva ft Isa GT – Told Ya (Melo Moombahton Edit) (Blow Ya Head 2 Comp) Mad Decent
(05-11) Second Sky – Messenger (Melo Moombahton Remix)
(06-11) DJ Melo & Jon Kwest – Ecstasy (Moombahsoul vol 1 Comp)
(07-11) Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (DJ Melo Moombahton Remix)
(07-11) DJ Melo – Rocking Down The House (Dust Mask Comp)
(07-11) Noha – Pijama (Mendez vs Melo Remix) (AZ Gunslingaz EP) El Cuco Recordings
(07-11) Pickster & Melo – El Bumper (AZ Gunslingaz EP) El Cuco Recordings
(08-11) Pickster, Melo & Sabo – Clap Your Hands (Moombahton Massive V Comp) Sol Selectas
(09-11) De La Soul – Saturday (Pickster & Melo Rmx) (Moombah Marauders Comp)
(09-11) De La Soul – Transmitting Live From Mars (Dj Melo Skit) (Moombah Marauders Comp)
(10-11) DJ Melo – Corrosion (Star Time EP) Think 2Wice
(10-11) DJ Melo – Heater ft Pickster (Star Time EP) Think 2Wice
(10-11) DJ Melo – Lunar Eclipse (Star Time EP) Think 2Wice
(10-11) DJ Melo – Star Time (Star Time EP) Think 2Wice
(10-11) DJ Melo – The Comeback (Star Time EP) Think 2Wice
(10-11) DJ Melo – Topless Riddim (Star Time EP) Think 2Wice
(10-11) DJ Melo & Steve Starks – Un Gran Circo (The Rise Of Moombahton Comp)
(10-11) Mexicans With Guns – Me Gusto (Dj Melo Remix)
(11-11) Melo Moombahton Loops, Samples, Synths & One Shots (T&A Breaks Breaks 3) T&A Records
(12-11) Sabo & Melo – Dale Mas Claps (Through The Wire Comp)

(01-11) Moombah Original Radio
(02-11) Moombah Original Radio
(05-11) Moombah Original Radio
(06-11) Moombahton Piss Breaks (Vol 1-5)
(08-11) Start Time Ep (Promo Mix)
(08-11) Pickster & Melo – Moombahton Massive Practice Set
(09-11) Dirty Sweaty Nasty (Throbcast 019)


So to top it all off, we also have a MAJOR exclusive.

A few weeks ago, I did a post on here called PRE-MOOMBAHTON and DJ Melo provided a lot of tracks for that post that demonstrated the existence of the Moombahton sound even before Moombahton was invented and coined by Dave Nada.

So DJ Melo took a lot of those tracks and created a GREAT mix chroniciling the recent historical development of Pre-Moombahton music and that my friends is quite a score.

Grab the Mix here:



Copia Doble Systema – Cumbia Colegiala (DJ Thykier Remix – CDS Drumcircle Refix)
DJ Sabo – Esa Loca Cumbia
South Rakkas Crew – Red Alert Riddim (Version)
El Remolon – Cola Lex
Shantel – Bucovina (Haaksman & Haaksman Remix)
Modeselektor – Godspeed
Solo Moderna – Sonido Pouble (Dixone Remix)
Canblaster – Chicken Run (Max le Daron Ravecumbiaton Refix)
Bart B More – Make Some Noise (Frikstailers Remix)
DJ Morphius – Booty Para Abajo
Sammy Bananas – Move Your Body (Toy Selectah Raverton Remix)
DJ Blass – Sandungeo
La Factoria – Es Lo Que Hay

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