2012!!!! WOOO! This year is going to be ridiculous considering the amount of stuff that has dropped in these few short weeks. I am hoping to be less focused on strictly chipmusic from within the chipmusic community and add some skweee and other fun stuff into these posts all under the ChipBass banner (we’re all one big happy family righht??)


Kodek & 486


So the first release coming right out and naming itself skwømp. No suprises here just heavy hitting wonky beats from two of the worlds best.. pioneering their own sound and totally owning it. Pay what you want download so swing the boys some cash for being awesome!! (check the remix of a Kodek track by 486 aka Dos. Putin below as well)



A Promo for the Bleepstreet artist Zet. Nice insight into the man and his tracks.. just watch it (hit closed captions to get Subtitles) Check out his stuff on Bleep Street Here. Also a huge Kodek remix that was upped to soundcloud this month


Henry Homesweet


Quiet possibly the most beautiful video and song combination I have seen in sooo long it turns the epic song into a short film that has so much heart and positive vibes I think I have watched it a million times. This is truly an outstanding achievement and this guy will be moving far beyond chipmusic’s humble indie community very soon with the quality of this work. Please support the artist and purchase the release this track is from, Enter 5D. Also a Drum’n’Bass remix of the tune from Diamonds & Dynamite surfaced check it.



Amazing Japanese Gameboy Bro and all round good dude has fucking nailed Chipstep just when we thought it might be on its way out. This track absolutely bangs and there aren’t many downloads left so jump on that


Knife City

So the legend that is Knife City has released an EP.. It isn’t produced, it isn’t well thought out.. but fuck it the tracks are good and at least we have some tracks to pop on our ipods. Recorded after a drunken show at Magfest it is well worth checking out.. Special mention to the Better Off Alone Cover and the absolute hardness that is the track “rules”.



So a few people from within the Chipmusic community decided to put together a project to get people to sign up to write original free to download music every week for the whole year. So Weekly Beats was born. Many of my favourite artists have signed up and are delivering some amazing tracks all for free download. Because there is so much (4 new tracks from 100’s of artists each month) I am just going to do a quick round up of some of my fave’s (maybe 5 a month) but just go there have a listen you’ll find something new.

Minikomi – Kingston Bitcrush: Every track has been amazing but this one manages to encompass tempo changes, sax samples and a Dubby feel that is amazing Download/Stream

DKSTR – Hiekkakivi: killer arabic flavoured skweee out of Finland could be off a Flogsta Danshall release. Download/Stream

Droid-On – Strapo: completely mental groove but with a massive bass and kick keeping it centered. Download/Stream

Matt Nida – Nevermore: Like a forgotten sinister track off the Drive soundtrack. Beautifuly haunting. Download/Stream

Beastmode – Reptile DnB: Heavy hitting Chip Drum’n’Bass slides nicely into halftime at moments. Download/Stream

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