When a MC from baile funk meet a producer of funk and soul at 80’s, it becames a new project called Gato Preto.

This duo have a lot of different influences, but some of it can be useful to create some new songs. Booth, like African sound and Brazilian sound, especially the MC  with loves to sing baile funk with an accent Portuguese (from Portugal). The result is their new ep called: Tschukudu. And the bonus of it is their remix, walking from dubstep to moombatoh!

Tschukudu (feat. B’Crazy) by Gato Preto

Tschukudu (Ertu + Pushkin Remix) FREE DL by Gato Preto

Tschukudu (Tuskle Remix) FREE DL by Gato Preto

Tschukudu (Lee Bass WW3 Moombathon Edit) FREE DL by Gato Preto

There is promo mixtape to know better the work of Gato Preto. In soundcloud, there is other remixes too:
Tschukudu Promo Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Gato Preto

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