Jaloo finished your last remix to Gabi Amarantos (one of biggest name of technobrega in Brazil). The remix to Xirley came with a new face, no more techonobrega stuff or your fast beats. The remix is about dubstep:


Gaby Amarantos – Xirley (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo


The original song is here:

And there is as video to remix too:


Also, Jaloo has other remixes:

Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Jaloo – Põe the Brega by jaloo

Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Grace Jones – Sunset Sunrise (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Now, 3 questions to Jaloo

Why a dubstep remix for song of technobrega?
It was the challenge. I had no idea how to create dubstep and has no better feeling than to acquire a new skill.

After Gabi Amarantos, which will Jalo remix?
The project “The females of Brega”‘ are almost done. M.I.A. and Sia are the last two bullets in my revolver with 10 shoots. Great expectations’re running out!

And what can we expect from Jalo to 2012?
The year just started and I’m not really big fan of EP’s . Maybe a album….

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