Sometimes I like a little spontaneiety, spontanaeity, damn I mean spontaneity! Sometimes I like a little spontaneity in my life so last Saturday I did something incredibly out of character and spontaneous… I woke up at 5 am. Not only that but I woke up at 5 am to get ready for a republican convention held here in Phoenix. Those from other countries may not know but some of the biggest most infamous civil rights culprits reside in the Phoenix area and are republican officials. As for me I decided to dress up really nice (which I enjoy and try to find many excuses to do so) and go to the convention to argue and debate (also I heard there was an after party with an all you can eat buffet). At first it was awkward for me because my brain just doesn’t function all that well at such hours. With my loopy brain I arrived at the convention and immediately was put to work. Because I’m a pussy I followed directions I didn’t understand. Some guy at a Ron Paul booth sort of asked but more like told me to go to the proxy booth, hand out “literature” and make sure that blah blah blah matches up to blah blah blah when people turn in their proxies. I’m not ashamed to admit that I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do. I honestly didn’t really even know what a proxy was. But like I said I’m a pussy and went straight to my post. After a while standing there acting like I was doing something I realized that none of these people know what is going on. It was a mess. I was only met with intelligence by the “pot-head” Paul supporters. Opposed to media belief not a single one of them brought up legalizing drugs. Instead they were all ranting about economics and foreign affairs. In no time I joined the heated debates with the confused republicans. I became a sort of information booth. Then the proxy booth became my booth with signs and everything where every crazy would come and debate with me. I stood up to all the republican bullies and shot them all down with my intellect. My booth was near to some big named tyrants which made me feel even stronger. To stand next to your enemies and speak truth to power is truly a thrilling experience. Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio and Russel Pierce are their names and they had nothing on me.

Then at 3:30 pm I went to the after party and drank myself into a drunk but articulate (at least according to my memory) debater. I can’t help myself when it comes to happy hour priced vodka tonics.

You may be asking now what this intro in the blog has to do with this week’s music selection. The answer is… absolutely nothing.

So here we go…

I haven’t had the privilege of posting Original Batichica here until now. She’s a little chica from Jalisco now living in Paris where (at least according to many FaceBook events) she seems to be all over the dj scene. I’ve known a lot of girls from Jalisco and let me tell you they are some of the hottest in all of Mexico. She brings the heat to her mixes involving Balkan and Cumbia rhythms mixed with a plethora of urban sounds. Even though I’m no Beyonce fan, (it was a hard break-up for us) Original Batichica mixes her in well.

I’m not going to stop the mixes there. I have a short new mix for everyone from another cumbiero with an awesome moniker, El Rey Llama. The mix goes straight to the point and delivers that point well.

Spicing things up in Chile is the always adventurous cholita Caterina Purdy with her Cholita Sound. The mix of beats, pan-flute, and synth under and over-tones makes this track hot. It’s a preview of an upcoming album that I promise to cover here.

Alto Peru always hits the mark and this is no exception, with a guest trumpeter to boot. This is a smooth new one with a nice traditional cumbia vibe.

Sticking with Argentina for just a bit more this is a new minimalist cumbia from Percha. I love the spacey feel. It allows for the song to take its time in order to deliver its dopeness. I thought for a moment towards the end it was going to do a little jazz style Q and A but it went differently which is what I like. I like surprise and unpredictability.

It’s been a long time since I posted a BN Loco track here. How better to bring him back than with his new remix. Cumbia and dub go so well together, it truly is a perfect marriage, reggae too, a nice threeway, But I digress. BN Loco took Mexican Dubwiser’s Trouble In My Soul and made a cumbia dub masterpiece of it.

If you wish to have a hot track for a club gig then look right here and you’ll find it. It’s Luigi Sound Selectah’s remix. Luigi is a master when it comes to Champeta but he also shows off his Colombian flavor when it comes to cumbia.

Dany F is back at it again. I was looking around online thinking about when I would hear something new from him and and within the same hour my wondering came to an end as he uploaded his newest track. Deep as it gets.

I have to shout out to Caballo for waking me up to this next one. I’ve followed Sonido Satanas for a while but this upload was about to go right past me. So thank you Caballo! Thank you because this one is awesome!

Two of ZZK’s teams come together with this Frikstailers remix of Fauna’s Para Mi. ZZK is a strong force ever growing stronger in the underground music and net-label scene. A great example of why that is can be discovered here.

The last thing I’m going to leave you with is a new Captain Cumbia edit. Normally I would normally be a little reluctant with posting a remix of Clint Eastwood (because it’s played out to me) but Captain Cumbia reignited my love for it. This is a really deep and cool remix and edit. It’s full of nice surprises. You’ve got to listen to it!

There are some dope tracks this week as always I try to bring the best out here. Hit me up if you wish to rant and/or rave.

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