Kaptin is a visionary. His name is Kaptin, after all. He owns and operates Chrome Kids out of Cardiff, and it was one of the few blogs I actually read and check (It’s going through an update now and will be full speed again soon). He contacted me a couple days ago to say he had some things to share, and I was blown away when I actually got to it.

This first track, by Metabeats and Diverse Concepts, is one of those super soothing tracks that still maintains a bounce. It’s wonderfully produced, and just SOUNDS crisp.
Download / Stream

Then I hear this. It’s simply called ‘Gold’, and is simply phenomenal.
Download / Stream

With Kaptin’s involvement in the development of Astroid Boys, both of these tracks threw me off. It wasn’t what I was expecting AT ALL, and just put me in a fantastic mood. He also linked me to a recent radio show, and the download link for that is embedded on the mixcloud page.

Thanks so much for the music, Kaptin. This made my day.

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