We’re continuing with The Moombahtonista series that we kicked off with the brilliant DJ MELO!

You should know the score by now:

-An Intro
-Brief chat with our Moombahtonista
-The almighty EXCLUSIVE!


Today we have a BIG name who we have never done a singular feature on this blog!  That is downright unbelievable and something I can’t quite comprehend and that had to be rectified.

This dude is doing big things and he must be one of the leading Moombahtonista’s of The New Wave!

ETC!ETC! aka Jos.e Guerrero is an LA based super producer who has been all over BBC Radio 1 latterly due to his truly Big Room Moombahton sound.  You can be sure that if you drop this kid’s tracks, the dancefloor will be on Fyah!

Here’s why we rate this dude worthy of the much sought after Moombahtonista title:

The Chat:

GB: What was the first Moombah track you heard” and how did it make you feel?

EE : The first “Full” Moombah Track i heard was Nadastroms Edit of my buddy Puga’s Track “Sabina” and I had mixed feelings on it, not going to front. Didnt know what to make of the genre/but Josh (of Sazon) kept pushing it on me,and here I am.

GB: What was The first Moombah Track you made & when did you make it and why?

EE: The first official Moombah track I made was “Alarma” and it was the collab that me and Kid Cedek did. It was about May of last year. Josh,and Merch were in town and we drove up to Las Vegas to do a show and I saw Josh do a full Moombahton set and I was inspired. So when we got back before Merchi headed to the airport, we started to lay down some ideas and then “Alarma” was born.

GB: How Do You See Moombahton in the future Scene ?

EE: This is a question I get asked a lot. I think all of us in the scene get asked the question on a daily basis. Moombahton is still in its growing stages, within the past year its become a genre that everyone is playing in their sets from Skrillex to AC Slater to Feed Me and Steve Aoki. I mean, it’s growin’ just like Dubstep did. And people are going to hate it, just like people hate other genres. But this is a genre that once you get into, its hard to get off. It’s like an addiction because you can do so much with it. You can fit so many notes in a 108 -110 bpm beat that you can manipulate the track and make it sound how ever you can. And that’s key

The scene will grow, it will get bigger and we will have a Moombahton Festivals, it’s just a matter of time.


LA native born and raised producer ETC!ETC! may have spent most of his studio life on the Electro House point, but his transition to Moombahton and his latest moombahcore productions are what have been commanding the most attention from top-notch tastemakers around the globe as of late.

ETC!ETC! gravitates his aural attention onto anything that moves the room. First attracted to Electro house for the big bass and floor-shattering fast-paced BPM, ETC!ETC! started to shift his focus to moombahton when friend and other half of his jungle house production two-piece Mr Vega (also one half of NYC’s Sazon Booya) started making his own highly-danceable mid tempo originals.

“I didn’t really pay too much attention to moombahton, until I realized that you can make 110 BPM sound fast, sound banging, and danceable,” says ETC!ETC! “And that’s what I’m all about.”

So with enough caffeine in hand to kill a man and an inspiring sample already neatly laid out in his mind, ETC!ETC! combines multifaceted instrumental layers, heavily laden with bass and uproarious kick to produce floor-flooding mid tempo bangers made to hike up the heat across the club.

In just the last 12 months, ETC!ETC!’s productions have been popping up across some top-tier tastemaker radar: From almost a near weekly rotation of tracks on Kissy Sellout’s BBC Radio 1 show to EDM legend JFK of MSTRKRFT signing his track “Bluh!” now forthcoming on JFK’s label DFA Records, it’s clear that support for ETC!ETC!’s are not simply exclusive to the moombahton realm.

“Listening to MSTRKRFT and having their music be such a big influence on me, when JFK approached me about signing the track, it really made everything for me,” gushes ETC!ETC! “I can quit producing now I think and be completely satisfied!”

Fortunately, he’s kidding.

With an eclectic mix of different audio flavors coming out of his arsenal it’s no wonder ETC!ETC! has garnered a diverse array of highly-prestigious support from EDM leaders Wolfgang Gartner, AC Slater, Congorock, 12th Planet x Skrillex, amongst many others for his future-moombahcore-driven productions.

With multiple forthcoming releases on Mad Decent, DFA Records, Rot10 Musik and more, no doubt 2012 will be ETC!ETC!’s breakthrough year.

Discography (Moombahton)


ETC!ETC! & Kid Cedek – Alarma *Rot10musik*

ETC!ETC! & Kid Cedek – Dem Boyz *White*

ETC!ETC! – Indian Flute 2011 *Mad Decent*

Lady – Twerk (ETC!ETC! Moombahfix) *Mad Decent*

Steve Angello & An21 – Flonko (ETC!ETC! & Kid Cedek Edit) *White*

ETC!ETC! – Rakata! *El Cuco Recordings*

ETC!ETC! & Paul David – Make Me Sweat *Rot10musik*

Vodge Diper – Riot! (ETC!ETC! Remix) *Funkksoundrecordings*

Audibotz – Work Me Up (ETC!ETC! Remix) *Big Alliance/Straight up*

Black Tongues – Ritmosura (ETC!ETC! Remix – *9g Records*

Iggy Azela – Drop That (ETC!ETC! Remix) *White*

ETC!ETC! & Nacey – Le Grand Zombi *Mad Decent*

.357 Magnum – Gojira (ETC!ETC! Remix) *El Cuco Recordings*

Nas – If i ruled the world (ETC!ETC! Remix) *White*

ETC!ETC! – El Nomber One *Moombah-Thong Exlusive*


ETC!ETC! & Dust One – OOCHIE *White*


ETC!ETC! & Jtrick – Hold Tha Line *Mad Decent/Jefferies*

ETC!ETC! & Jtrick – lessgo *Mad Decent/Jefferies*

ETC!ETC! – Red Eye *TBA*

ETC!ETC! & Sazon Booya – Shes The Bass Drum *TBA*

Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! – The Clap *T&A*

ETC!ETC! – Kilogram *Party Like Us*

ETC!ETC! & Obeyah – We Numer One *Rot10musik*

ETC!ETC! & Obeyah – Future *Rot10usik*

ETC!ETC! – Temblando *Generation Bass Exlusive *

Generation Bass Xclusive:

Here’s a wild, thumping, big room Latin Moombahton BANGER that will make you hold your breath in awe until the track is over and it’s xclusive to us!!!

Thank You Etc Etc!

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