Wow, wow, wow, wow!!!

Madonna has RIPPED OFF our Brazilian homie Joao Brasil’s Love Banana track on the Man Recordings label.

Check this out:

I just hope Daniel Haaksman, head honcho of the Man Recordings label tries to do something about this, maybe with a possible lawsuit against her. I’m not sure about the legal mechanics of that kinda thing apart from it’s a big risk and will cost $$$.

Hopefully, he’ll succeed and as MIA said “the little guys get to f**k shit up” 🙂

I hope to see Mr Haaksman & Joao driving around in their new Rolls Royces’ this time next year ahahahaha from the winnings of a lawsuit!

All the best guys, I hope you take some action cause you deserve some $$$ from a cut of her royalties from that single.


Maybe I said all of the above in haste and they should try to talk to her management first to see if a collab is on the cards as suggested by someone in the Moombah Forum!!   It’s doubtful her management would talk back but it’s worth a try.

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