I was kinda shocked, and then appalled to see the new DIPLO & DON DIABLO video. Here in Holland, where I am at, we have had a phenomenon the last 2 years and its known as ZANGER RINUS. This guy is not completely 100% in the brains department, but he loves to sing and make video’s so that’s what he does. ok cool. more power to you. These last couple of months he has grown into a youtube hit, and attracted sharks on him like a bloody piece of meat in water. He now has a manager and a lot of people making money on him, while he stills continue to live in poverty. Guess what. DIPLO and the biggest wannabee since Vanilla Ice, DON DIABLO have featured him in their video. He’s not singing his own songs, so is obviously used as an object to ridicule. Yes, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, nor the best looking and neither is his girlfriend, but to cast them as a DIE ANTWOORD type white trash couple in this video is just taking it a step too far. This is probably DON’s idea, since he is Dutch as well, and since the tune is so weak, they figured they’d probably make a cheap video like this to get the people talking. It’s not often that I use this platform to get a message out to you, my beloved readers, but I just thought this was a really really lame move by these guys.

Of course people have accused DIPLO before of exploiting others to promote his own music, but I don’t know if he’s ever done that to someone with a mental disability before… Judge for yourselves, I think I know enough about how this music industry shit works to tell you that someone is getting laughed at to promote someone else’s track right here. Fuck that shit.

ok, i’ve calmed down a bit 🙂 I decided to stop talking about this, you all make up your own mind. I did get a reaction back from Don Diablo though, which I’ll also share with you:

Don Diablo @DonDiablo:
“@generationbass See ur point, believe it or not it was Rinus’ idea & he is actually getting all the $$$ from the YouTube views ;-)”


Don Diablo @DonDiablo:
“@generationbass Some people underestimate him, but that’s his intention 😉 Rinus has got his shit together like a boss, business wise.”

so there you go, that’s the last I’ll say about the matter. the post remains online, but since there’s a reaction now from Don Diablo (& Diplo) you are well equiped to make up your own mind about this. I also won’t be anwering any more twitter messages about this, since we want to keep the GB twitter feed positive and about GOOD music first and foremost!

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