Whitney Houston will always remind me of my childhood. Before I understood how the world worked, her soothing voice could turn a simple pop record into a masterpiece, and a ballad into a moment of amazement. She was also from my home state of New Jersey, and showed me at a young age that someone that worked hard and followed their heart could be successful.

At the peak of her career, she had a number 1 record and a number 1 movie at the same time, with The Bodyguard (Movie and soundtrack). After this, she released a couple singles that got a lukewarm response.

One of these tracks was a one-off on a Wyclef album that was sampled and turned into one of the most sought-after Drum N Bass dubplates ever.

Sadly, Whitney will be remembered as much for her drug use as she was for her voice. She had the world in her hands, and addiction ripped everything from her.

I love music because it freezes time. And nobody can ever take these moments back. It’s available for the world to hear an infinite amount of times. Wherever and whenever they wish. And that moment is the only thing that matters.

Rest in Peace Whitney.

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