As you might have guessed, I haven’t been into Dubstep as much as I use to be, it just went into overkill and I got fed up with it and Moombahton has been exciting me more.

However, I still luv certain types of Dubstep, your Burial kinda stuff, Transnational Dubstep, Post-Dubstep kinda stuff and also Luvstep or Popstep or whatever u wanna call it. It still figures in my list of dubstep likes.

So belatedley, here’s the latest Luvstep mix.  Maybe not the strongest in the series imho, I still think No.1 is the best.  This third one chronicles the latest luvsteppy tracks over the past year or so and so it a dubstep mix you defintley need to check out.

So be sure to grab it!

On a sidenote:

I’m in this for the music and the politics can go to hell, I got more important things to do like push good stuff rather than get involved in bitch fights.

1. Mary Jane

2. Derek Allen – It Gets Better [Mad Decent]

3. Kotez – Life [Eight:FX]

4. Skream feat. Sam Frank – Anticipate [OWSLA]

5. Fenech-Soler – Demons (Minnesota Remix) [White Label]

6. Arkasia feat. Jay Jacob – Vanity [Heavy Artillery]

7. Feed Me feat. Tasha Baxter – Strange Behaviour [Mau5trap]

8. LIPS – Everything To Me (Adventure Club Remix) [Self Released]

9. Saturn Never Sleeps – All Seasons Are Good (Starkey Remix) [Saturn Never Sleeps]

10. Andain – Promises (Koan Sound Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

11. Blackmill feat. Veela – Let It Be [Blackmill]

12. Somepoe feat. Lisbe – Kicks & Snares [Cool Records]

13. Flufftronix ft Allie McDonald – Holocene [Cool Records]

14. Delilah – Go [Atlantic]

15. Sanna – Don’t Go (Neumokid Remix) [Cool Records]

16. Katie

17. Clams Casino – I’m God [Self Released]

18. Sinjin Hawke – Love Is On Your Side [Pelican Fly]

19. Processory – Young Italians (CFCF Remix) [Sugarcane Recordings]

20. ID3 feat. Soundmouse – Hummingbird [Cool Records]

21. Click & Whistles – Endo [Cool Records]

22. Sibian and Faun – I’m Sorry [Numbers]

23. Nero – In The Way [More Than Alot]

24. Evol Intent feat. Jackie B – Under [Evol Intent Recordings]

25. Gemini – Graduation [Inspected]

26. Mojo – Night Sky [Mojo]

27. Little Jinder – Keep On Dreaming [Trouble & Bass]

28. Skrillex feat. Ellie Goulding – Summit [OWSLA]

29. Jason Burns – Back 2 You [Cool Records]

30. Loz Contreras feat. Sanna – Break You Down [Cool Records]

31. Submerse – Fall In Love [Self Released]

32. Ramona

33. Volomo feat. Liv – Flower of the Heart [Self Released]

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