“This story takes place in the near future. The modern world as we know it came to an end in 2012, when a politically powerful mega-corporation set up an evil plan of world domination. They removed all neutral media outlets including television, radio and ultimately the internet, where they restricted all access to share any type of information for free, chasing and criminalizing those who violated this policy and protested against it. Then a dangerous virus was scattered and spread throughout the globe that transformed 90% of the human race into mindless mutants, thus forming a zombie army that the corporation controlled at its whim.

Surrounded by censorship, chaos and propaganda, two fugitives indicted on charges of “digital piracy” under the alias SUPER GUACHIN decide to strike back at the corporation through their music. Loaded with an arsenal of computers and instruments, they would perform concerts in secret to save the human race and to regain the right to free information for all …”


These guys are not new to this blog, but in case you don`t know – here`s info about them taken from the site of their label, ZZK Records, check this out:


Super Guachin is an audiovisual duo formed by brothers Ignacio and Luciano Brasolin, from Mendoza, Argentina that makes electronic music influenced by everything from cumbia, chiptune, dub, dubstep, to name a few, always looking towards the future.

Programming sounds from vintage computers and popular game consoles, such as Atari, Commodore 64, Game Boy, NES and ZX Spectrum, along with an arsenal of electronic toys built and modified themselves, their music has garnered the label of Chipcumbia. These fat basslines complement dance rhythms resulting in a sound that is almost tribal and hypnotic.

A Super Guachin live show implies 8 bit tracks directly played on a tricked out pair of Gameboys and a Comodore 64. Combined with a slew of other electronic devices and accompanied by apocalyptically pixelated visuals, the result generates a 200% danceable, hot and spicy climax, as close to the edge of tropical psychedelia and the musical future of South America as we know it.”


Check their sounds-from-the-clouds below… and go buy their EP RIGHT HERE.



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