aaaaa yeah, it’s that time again guys, some FOOTWURK from all over the globe in a big ass chaotic post 🙂 we’ll kick it off with some serious shizz by an australian dude who moved to the US some time ago, he also paints and not too bad at at! This guy is called LIL JABBA, check his juke out:


Up NEXT JUKE ELLINGTON: that name was to be expected to get used of course… check out a couple of nice new ones:

and an amazing OLD SCHOOL JUKE JOINT:

From somewhere in POLAND comes this guy, who is dropping some serious RAVE vibes in his juke, check it out man:

and then we move back closer to home a bit, to take a PLUNGE into this BERLIN JUKE by SBEATS:


for those who missed the B YRSLF freebies last time: GRAB THIS NIGHT HUNTER JUKE!!!! its killa!

to finish this pots up, a couple of GREAT tracks from the SOUNDCLOUD FOOTWORK GROUP, they just keep throwing up amazing shit on there!

see ya next time homies, keep the JUKE ROLLIN!

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