RAHMANEE comes from Belgrade, Serbia and he`s most prominent Serbian drum`n`bass/jungle DJ and producer since the late 90`s – if you have ever been to a d`n`b party in Belgrade or around, there`s simply no way that you have missed his bouncy set.  On the other hand, FILIP MOTOVUNSKI is like 10 yrs younger and comes from Motovun, Croatia, but despite his age he is well known DJ and producer in the ex-Yu region. Well, two of them teamed together and threw Sort Dem Out EP a few days ago for Canadian JungleXpeditions label, with a little help from Serbian reggae/hc artist Hornsman Coyote on one track. Check this out:


So if you liked it, check their previous releases from the same Quebec-based label:



There`s more to come from them soon, so be aware of their new releases! And for the end, check their SoundCloud accounts and you might be able to catch some nice freebies in there:



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