Can’t disagree with Frank on this one, also one of my personal faves too, formerly called “Fat Booty”.  It’s utterly gorgeous and a bona fide Moombahton classic before it has even had the time to mature into one 🙂

Here’s what Frank, Head honcho at El Cuco, says:

Thank you all so much. We have the best fans and family! February is here and we have so much lined up for you all. First up for release is Arizonaton’s Pickster & Melo with their official debut on ECR, “Too Soon To Forget”. Hypnotic beats and a groove that uncontrolably make you sway. Remaster and refined for ultimate audio bliss. A smooth vibe before all the forthcoming heavy tunes.

“This song is what inspired me to form El Cuco Recordings with Sluggo & Nerd Rage. When I first heard it I was completly taken over by the tempo and overall vibe. Watching all the beautful people around me dancing, the lights, the sound….I fell in love and never looked back” – Mendez

Pickster: PicksterOne
Melo: azdjmelo

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