The tides are changing for all of us. It was a pleasure for me to speak with several Generation Bass readers this week. After what happened in Athens we all (hopefully) felt the shift in the winds. It also helped me see more clearly how well we’re doing over here in the U.S. compared to many right now. Yes we have crazy leaders with too much power and yes if we continue with our foolish policies we will surely meet certain doom. As for now though I am safe when I go outside, I have a job with money coming in weekly, a roof over my head, we have protests but they’re silly in comparison to the rest of you, and we have a lot less panic. I’m happy that many of you on here take this seriously. It makes me proud to be involved with like-minded people searching for peace and prosperity by other means than war.

Now I’m not claiming to be any help mind you. Writing here and talking with people around the world is the extent of my efforts to solve the messes of the modern world. Mostly I sit around and wonder about things. I was the kid that didn’t pay attention in class not because of ADD (everyone and I mean everyone has it), I’ve just always been more interested in what I’m interested in at any given moment rather than what I was supposed to be learning. While in math class “learning” “useful” algebra I would be staring out the window with a thought in my head like ‘holy shit why are those leaves green.’ Fortunately nowadays there’s Google. So while I should have been working Wednesday this week I instead dedicated most of my day learning Soukous guitar technique from various videos on YouTube. Or attempting to solve random questions that pop into my head like; “Why is Prince William flying to the Falkland Islands on a search and rescue team? I thought that issue was over in 1982. Who needs to be searched for and rescued down there? Cruise ship tourists?” In short there are various ways in which I waste considerable amounts of time. The biggest thing I do and I swear by this, is sweep the internet looking for what’s new in cumbia. Cumbia is one of the things that keeps me grounded with my work. Love for the music and love for the connections to others is what drives me. That and my latest obsession with night time outdoor photography (you can find me with my camera staring straight up at the stars around 2 am). I’m having difficulty writing this right now because I keep looking out my window at the trees moving in the breeze. It’s a nice day here, I have my window cracked. Yep ADD!

Let’s begin with the cumbia I’ve collected this week. There were a lot of great tracks uploaded this week which kept me busy. One of my favorites, maybe my favorite this week is a tribute to Whitney Houston. This song also goes very well with my first paragraph of this post. It’s a smooth cumbia edit that flows maybe too well. Dig this if you will.

After that peaceful feeling the last track left us in I must share this new gift from Bigote. The funky mind behind Caballito delivers another graveton trip well worth taking.

I brought in some Albert DJ work recently but I couldn’t resist sharing another one from him this week. He edited this tune I like most of you have heard many times in our lives. His intro is a brilliant teaser. It may not be nu cumbia but the edit is dope and is the one I would mix in a live set certainly.

Dj Avatar remixed Dice Beats incredibly well with this next one. That’s all I’ve got to say so just have a listen.

There have been a few drum and bass cumbia that work really well in my opinion and I have a couple here for you.

First with INSANO!

Second is this crazy intense mash from The Solrack.

I’m new to La Saveur’s work. His tracks fuse cumbia with old school electro in a cool modern way.

Gypsy cumbia (cumbia balkanica) is everywhere I look these days with more and more producers and DJ’s joining in with the festive sound.  DJ Chico Parany is however not new to the style. Here is a nice simple marriage of the styles.

Cumbiamuffin is also an obviously good marriage. Ana Sol Torroixa provides the voice of a good live band in Buenos Aires where the reggae sound is strong these days. The guitar work is impressive on this one as is the bass.

Knowledge is said to be the key to power. Let’s check out Cumbia Del Sabor and learn something.

This is a dope improvisation by Chulkilion Sound System I happily stumbled upon this week.

Back to a bit of drum and bass I bring you the always hard at work Enrikisimo DeeJay’s edit of Changoramico’s Fiesta.

Soundway Records provided a key tool for anyone looking for original traditional cumbia from days past. They released their 2 cd set of 55 tracks a few months back. And Jeremy Sole tapped into this treasure chest by producing an awesome edit of Lluvia by Hermanos Tuiran.

Now onto the mixes I go starting with this mix that was uploaded a year ago and my lazy ears just recently had the pleasure of checking out. It’s smooth and flows really nicely. The master behind it is Sonikgroove. There are other great mixes by Sonikgroove but this one in particular stood out to me. So for those of you whom also haven’t heard it this is a nice treat for you.

The last track I’m going to post here is mine. For a long time now people have been asking me to make a mix and I’ve been rather reluctant in doing so. However I decided I would make a live mix to not only test my skills but also to feature a lot of my favorite productions from this past year. These tracks stayed in my psyche for a long time and now are mixed together. I’m a bit shy when it comes to releasing my work, that being the main reason why I waited a long time to release a mix. I’m eager to hear what you think

There are A LOT of tracks and EP releases I didn’t post this week because I had so much material I didn’t want to over do it. But they will be up over flowing into next week. I promise. I made a couple promises to people that I haven’t kept due to the enormous collection I have for this week. If I promised you something and you know who you are, don’t worry I’ll keep my word.

Peace cumbieros!

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