So David Heartbreak is the third in line to shine as “THE MOOMBAHTONISTA” (not that this series is in any particular order)!

You should know the score by now:

-An Intro
-Brief Q & A with our Moombahtonista
-The almighty EXCLUSIVE!


No. 3 is one of my fave numbers and Heartbreak is in my top 3 fave Moombahton producers and he’s also 3rd in line to be featured, so it’s an awesome 333 ūüôā

Man I don’t know how long I’ve known Heartbreak now, maybe since early 2010, but I never got to meet him until last September 2011 in Holland when we were doing the Monsters of Moombahton in Tilburg.

However from early 2010 to now, I think I’ve touched base with him on an almost weekly basis and so he’s become a good friend too.¬† This does not mean my opinion about his musical output is biased, cause he knows I’ll tell him when I don’t like something of his.

I think he must be one of the hardest working Moombahtonista’s, he’s always doing something to push the scene, free releases, compilations, active in the groups, ¬†introducing new people to it, players and producers and he’s always working on something musical and nowadays not just Moombahton.

I think he has come on leaps and bounds since some of his early work and his musical ideas and productions skills are being honed and he is now sounding even better than he ever did without loss of the great ideas and imagination.¬† In fact he’s got a wild & unique imagination when it comes to making music and that’s why I find his musical output so interesting.

The funny thing about Heartbreak, like DJ Melo too, is that their sound improves as time goes on.¬† What I mean by this is that some of their stuff just doesn’t grab you straight-away.

Like the time when Munchi was raving on to me about “King Kong” and then Heartbreak sent it to me to blog exclusively back in the day.¬† I got to be honest, I don’t think I gave Heartbreak any confidence in that track, cause I think I just said to him, yeah man it’s ok but not as good as “Firepower” loool.

King Kong

However, after I played it out, that is when I realized it’s full potential as an absolute monsta’ and its status as a Moombahcore classic. ¬†The same goes with his Moombahsoul output, when you play that shit out, it rocks and that is when it makes sense.¬† It didn’t make full sense when he initially sent it to me and I just played it on my I-Pod and in my car.

By playing his stuff out, you truly appreciate what a mega producer he is.

“King Kong” is as funky as hell man. ¬† It was a huge revelation when it first came out, although I said it was ok, I knew deep inside of me it was special, cause I hadn’t heard shit like that before and I couldn’t understand it.

I understood “Firepower” straight away cause it hits you directly.¬† But the true potential of “King Kong” took some time to comprehend cause it did not sound like Firepower and it doesn’t hit you until you play it out!!!!

But that’s like most of the stuff I hold dear to me, sometimes, at first, I’m not sure about it but as time passes, it becomes some of my favourite stuff.

So for me Heartbreak, as an artist, is a “grower”! You only realize some of his skillz and true advancement in his work as time goes on.¬†¬† That’s true for many pioneers, painters, artists and musicians, the passage of time tells you more about their work. ¬†When you revisit their work, you find out more about it, sometimes, something new each time, and that is the sign of a true artist!

So “King Kong” is one of his defining tracks but it’s not the only one. He has so many others, some of which he’s done with Munchi too.

He was one of the first to pioneer Moombahsoul together with Munchi:

Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o N√£o

Shy Day

Grown Man Ish

One of the first Transnational Moombahton numbers too like Chavvi and Jazmine and early Moombashment too:


Heartbreak & Toddla T – Blaze Up

However, now he is also making sounds not just for the club but stuff you can actually listen to at home and get lost in:

Diving Into You

The Weeknd – Thursday (Heartbreak Moombahsoul Remix)

David Heartbreak & The SheistBurial Soul

Cloud 9

I said back in late 2010 that Heartbreak was one to watch in 2011 and it was certainly a great year for him. ¬†I think 2012 holds even more promise for him and I hope to see him propel himself from his current position into the super league of DJs’/Producers and I have confidence in his ability to pull it off!


GB: What was the first Moombah track you heard and how did it make you feel?

DH: ¬†The first Moombahton track I heard was Moombahton, the Dave Nada joint… when I first heard it Munch played it for me… I didn’t get it tbh.. I was like wtf is this electro reggae ton?

And munch was like no motherfucker this is Moombahton.. I said oh okay…. then a few months down the line he played me Sandungeo and I was like what the fuck is this…

It all made sense to me, after I heard the first ep Munchi put out… since we had the same b more and hip hop frame of mind.

His version of Moombahton spark the interest in my mind. I have always had a love for latin and dancehall music, because outside of hip hop those were the other influences in my neighborhood….After that I went back and I listened to punk rock latino, and the krs one joint Dave did, and his early stuff. Sometimes you need to have it explained or presenting to you in an untraditional format to get it… I was one of those people, but after I got it.. I went in 100% and dedicated my career to it.

GB: What was the first Moombah track you made & when did you make it?

DH: The first Moombahton track I made was a track called Pilulas Azuis E Brancos, which means blue and white pills, the first person to show me love for this track was DJ Sabo… this is when I first started to produce EDM music.. I basically was trying to emulate what Dave and Munchi’s concept, but added a Heartbreak edgy twist too it… I was like okay, what is the most annoying sound I can find, and put a dembow behind it haha… but actually that song took me like 10 days to make, because it was my first finished EDM track

Pilulas Azuis E Branco

GB: How do you see the future for the Moombahton scene?

DH: I personally think Moombahton is the future, I was never 100% on the name, but I’ve come to love the name now as it grows. I think the future is so bright. I think that the possibilities are endless.

I want this thing of ours to stay underground, but at the same time I want it to be taken to the next level. I think for a long time, that the scene became stale, because of all the edits, and when I say edit, I mean slowing some shit down, and changing a few things.

When myself or most of the producers I like make an edit a song, we try to recreate, it like paying homage to the artist, but telling the story in your own way. A lot of good and new producers are coming out and I like most of it, some of it, I don’t care for, but thats in any genre.

I love the new cats that come out, and take what we’ve done in the past, but do it there way and create something new. I love innovation, and evolution. There are a lot of people making shit now, that we were making two years ago, its like a give and take.

But like I said I love these new young producers who get it, and don’t look at things from a black and white perspective and just make good music.

I think that the genre is dividing, but this is a conversation me and M talked about years ago and knew this would happen. Its a good thing.. there has to be progress.. people get offended when people progress, but we all have too.  If your not progressing, what are you doing?

I think that you need a latin side, a pop side, an urban side, a carribean side, you can’t constrict the music. There is no formula, just a bpm for the most part, my favorite tracks from others, are the ones that defy the cliche Moombahton formula.

This whole culture to me, is like a big family, really no ego’s just a lot of good music, being made, and I love where its heading. I would love to see Moombahton become more musical, more melodic, but I’m pretty sure its on the way. ¬†I look to my left and right, and I love to see me and my peers selling out shows, instead of clearing dance floors. This whole movement means a lot to me.

However, I am upset that people that came before me don’t get the credit they deserve. ¬†There are also people that were here in the beginning, and didn’t have faith in the movement, and I don’t feel for them in anyway, but those who were here in the beginning, and helped mold this thing of ours, deserve more credit. This process is about innovation from Moombahsoul, Moombahcore, Moombhangra, Moombashment, all of these sub genres, came about from the love for Moombahton but wanting to bring different crowds into this thing of ours, none of this happened by accident, everything was planned.

Sometimes I look back and don’t realize how serious things are and how far, they have come and were there going.

What I love the most is playing for a sold out crowd, that gets the movement, that feels what were doing. People have the right to not like Moombahton, but this is what I am, and this what made me fall in love with EDM for the first time.

Two years ago, I could barely make a track, now I have future projects in all genres of EDM coming out, that initial spark for EDM is because Moombahton showed me the way.

I also think that this is the summer of Moombahton, and after festival season, the world is going to finally get what we have been pushing. I guess its going to be bittersweet. I want to see myself, and any other la Moombahtonista at the grammy’s next year, nothing is impossible anymore, especially when your moving in numbers, and for the same cause…


Globally known, Brooklyn Born David Heartbreak remains accredited as the innovative leader of the Moombahton genre. With a future-forward disposition, Heartbreaks sonic creations draw inspiration from such named as Toddla T, Timbaland, Afrojack, Skrillex, Datsik, and many more. The leading ambassador of the genre, Heartbreak began in hip hop, but translates his eclectic evolution of sound to his love of traveling. Inspiration comes from hearing different art forms and music… abroad, being around different cultures, and talent, I learn what they do and add those pieces to myself.

Incorporating this ethos into the EDM realm, Heartbreak goes knee-deep into the world of global bass music, Tribal, Kuduro, Hard Electro, Trash, Moombahton, future bass and Dancehall. Weaving a wide range of elements, Heartbreak Proves to be a mastermind at infusing each track with both unique beats considered a staple of the genre and his own midas touch of genius as well.

Without a doubt Heartbreak has become a growing force. Heartbreak remains committed to the movement, with music itself at the forefront of his creations. Unparalleled in his dedication to the Moombahton movement, Heartbreak has captured the attention of both established and aspiring artists. Along, with a wide range of fans he lovingly labels as his Moombah family. Consistently giving back, Heartbreak has released 16 free Eps, including a 3 part compilation series, entitled “Moombahsoul featuring himself and top international Moombahton pioneers.

Featured multiple times on the high profile BBC Radio 1, and almost every top djs set. The onslaught of adoration has only continued as Heartbreak continues to gain attention and recognition everywhere from the blog world to the Washington Post. Heartbreaks unique vibe and unparalleled influence is on the rise.


3/26 “Dude, Call me I’m High”

2-12. Shake that
2-12 Hulk
2-12 Incredible Hulk
2-12 Turn up the bass
2-12 Lex Steele


2-12 OMFG
2-12 Jump Up
2-12 Big Room Riddim

2-12 Burial Soul
2-12 Turn up the bass
1-12 Reasons
12-11 Miami 2 DC
12-11 Untitled( Unmastered )
11-11 Cloud 9
11-11 Insomnia
11-11 Muse
11-11 Yet Another Day
11-11 Dev Dancing in the Dark( Heartbreaks remix)
11-11 That Heartbreak
11-11 Bad Behavior
11-11 Valley Girls
11-11 Diving
11-11 Pimping
10-11 Off The Chain
9- 11 Moombahsoul Volume 3
9- 11 Watch me dance (Heartbreak Remix)
9- 11 Krome, Wake up (Heartbreak Remix)
9- 11 baby Blue work (Heartbreak Remix
9- 11 Gone (Heartbreak Remixes)
9- 11 Birds Part 1 (Heartbreak Remixes)
9- 11 Birds Part 2 (Heartbreak Remixes)
9- 11 The Zone (Heartbreak Remixes)
9- 11 Thursday (Heartbreak Remixes)
8- 11 Level 10
8- 11 Beautiful Noize
8- 11 Blaze up
7- 11 Love & Hate
7- 11 Mi Amor
7- 11 Style & Grace
6- 11 The Legend
6- 11 Rolling Stone (Heartbreak Remixes)
5- 11 Doomsday
4- 11 Jazmine
3- 11 All I got
3- 11 Dance if you like
3- 11 Alors on danse (Heartbreak Remix)
2- 11 Grown man shit
2- 11 Emalkay when I look at you (Heartbreak Remix)
2- 11 Doctor P sweet shop (Heartbreak Remixes)
1- 11 Arieto
12-10 King Kong
12-10 Like That
11-10-Kanye west power (Heartbreak Remixes)
11-10 Fall of Moombahton
10-10 Vato Gonzalez (Heartbreak Remix)
9- 10 Chavvi
9- 10 Faceoff
9- 10 Arroz Con Pollo
8- 10 Fired Up
8- 10 Witch Doctor (Heartbreak Remixes)
7- 10 Novinahh
7 – 10 Lend Ya down
7- 10 RaggaMuffin
7- 10 Kid Kaio Hey (Heartbreak Remix)
7- 10 Ying Yang twins salt shaker (Heartbreak Remix)
6- 10 The Moombahma
6- 10 Banger
6- 10 Uma Fe
6- 10 Quires Cuilar
6- 10 Whistle Blower
5-10 Pilulas Azuis e Brancos
5-10 Sweet Tea
5-10 Aponte ou Nao
5-10 Boneknuckles Remix

5/10 Munbreakton (with munchi)
6/10 Barack Moombahma EP
7/10 Dos Moombahma EP
8/10 Signature Series
9/10 Fuck H &M EP (with munchi)
11/10 Fall of Moombahton collection (V.A.)
12/10 M3
1/11 M4
2/11 M5
5/11 H & M (with Munchi )
6/13/11 Moombahsoul Volume 1
7/18/11 Heartbreak EP (Girls Music )
7/25/11 Moombahsoul Volume 2
8/15/2011 M6
8/29 The Weeknd (Heartbreak Remixes)
9/12/2011 Moombahsoul Volume 3
11/7/2011 M7



Yes Sir, Heartbreak as been kind enough to give us not 1 BUT 2 exclusives with this feature as FREE DOWNLOADS.

Firstly, of the gorgeous “Reasons” track, which is his and also my favourite track of his entire catalogue!!!!

Secondly, the immense new Moombahcore track “Off The Chain”, which me and many others have been dying to get our hands on for quite some time now!!!

Thank u Heartbreak <3333

Never before available, think yourself lucky for being able to grab hold of these for the first time, they’re both just sublime.


Free Download:

Heartbreak –¬† Reasons


Free Download

Mark Instinct – Off The Chain (Heartbreak remix)

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