This man, LIVING LEGEND, has run into a financial crisis, like many of us, but he needs your help to save his legendary Mothership Studios.

It really saddens me, in fact it depresses me, that a living legend like him could be struggling in this way after 40+ years of hard graft in this industry!  The man is an absolute pioneer, a genius!

Here’s what his campaign is all about:

Our Story

He goes by many names……Dr. Funkenstein, Mr Wiggles the Worm, Lollipop Man. No matter what you call him his work is inescapable. George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are pioneers of funk music, whose sound is the DNA of modern Hip-Hop and Soul. From “I Wanna Testify”, “One Nation Under A Groove”, and “Mothership Connection” though “Flashlight”, “Atomic Dog”, and “Paint The White House Black”, P-Funk has been on the front lines of progressive creativity and has forged a sound and a style that has turned heads and tore up stages for over 5 decades! But the flight of the Mothership has not been without turbulence. Countless acts of copyright fraud, theft, and intellectual injustice have and still continue to attempt to derail the funk from fulfilling its mission. As George fights daily for the funk, this campaign acts as an opportunity for us to unite and return it to its rightful owners.

The Impact

As George continues to battle for the rights to his own songs we are looking to expand our self-sufficient nature, as to not need the powers that be: record labels, lawyers, and publishers. By expanding our own studio and creating a better environment for the housing of George’s classic material past and present, we are creating an opportunity for this and future generations of funkateers to be able to continue to spread the message that “Everything Is On The One!” and we are “One Nation Under A Groove”. As we put a stop to corrupt figures who continue to claim rights and ownership of the funk from the shadows, we are creating an environment that enables the funk to live on forever.

What We Need & What You Get

With this campaign we are looking to raise $50,000 for the restoration and preservation of original recordings, as well as urgent repairs and upgrades to the Parliament-Funkadelic family recording studio.

-Tape Machine Repair
-Neve Mixing Console Repair
-Tape Archive Construction
-Studio A Live Room Construction
-Studio B Room Construction
-Creation Of Two Pre-Production Rooms
-Sound Proofing
-Roof Repair
-Studio Wiring
-Recording Software and Hardware
In exchange for contributions, we are offering a number of exclusive and awesome perks, which include everything from autographed cd’s and gear, to your own personal P-Funk concert with your favorite tracks as the setlist.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word of this campaign to funkers everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else you can think of. Together we can keep the funk coming for generations to come!!

Check it all out here and for as little as $300 you can have a voicemail drop form the great man himself:


Extraordinary times!!

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