First up this week Gonzo comes with one of his epic soundscape/composition/mix things, with an aquatic theme this time… Then we’ve got DJ Balele with some upbeat afro vibes & some Israeli Funk from Paris DJs & Jewpop.


I’ve said it before: I’m a big fan of Gonzo’s mixes for being much more than a series of similar-tempo-dancefloor-bangers and much more than the sum of their parts – this is the DJ as composer. This isn’t for dancing, this is for serious subaquatic sonic adventurers.

A mixtape based around the themes and surrealistic ideas of pioneering under-water film maker, Jean Painlevé. This mix was first presented live as part of a discrepant event at Taka café in Riga, during the summer of 2011.

DOWNLOAD: Gonzo – Ballet Aquatic (via Discrepant)

Deaf Center – The day I Would Never Have
Jurgen Mueller – Beyond The Tide
Ambient News – Untitled (extract)
LoL Boys – Portells (Loop Extract)
Byetone – Capture This (I)
Porn Sword Tobacco – Copyright The World
Halim El-Dabh – Wire Recorder Piece (1944)
The Caretaker – Libet’s Delay
Angela Valid – Heavy Coubro
Flying Saucer Attack – Oceans
Leila – The Exotics (Rebajado)
Bop – Simple Things
Sven Kacirek – Turkey Dance
Wang Changcun – Sea-food
Moondog – Oasis
Ambient News – Untitled
Bitchin Bajas – Water 2
Jean-Michel Jarre – Arpegiator
Jon_Brooks – Zukunft Als Konzept
Lucky Dragons – Free Guys By The Sea
Aksak Maboul – Saure gurke (Aus 1 urwald gelockt)
Nightwave – Feel (Lotide Mix)
Antony & the Johnsons – Swanlights (OPN edit)
Burning Star Core – Bronze Colleen Under The Kitchen
Clams Casino – Natural
Tom Waits- All The World Is Green

DJ Balele

Upbeat, psychedelic Afro vibes from all over the continent and further afield.

1- SUPER NEGRO BANTUS “Professional super Bantus” (Nigeria)
2-LES YA TOUPAS DU ZAIRE “Je ne bois pas beaucoup” (D.R.Congo)
3-MAMUKUENO “Rei do paletinho” (Angola)
4-GNONNAS PEDRO “Abigbedoto” (Benin)
5-LE GRAND KALLE, DON GONZALO, MANU DIBANGO “Africa Boogaloo” (D.R.Congo, Cuba, Cameroun)
6-K.FRIMPTONG and his CUBANOS FIESTAS “Kyenkyen bi adi m’awu” (Ghana)
7-CEDRIC IM BROOKS and the LIGHT OF SABA “Africa” (Jamaica)
8-TONY ALLEN “Moyege” (Nigeria)
9-THE DAKTARIS “Quiet man i dead man” (USA)
11-POGO Ltd. “Don’t put me down” (Nigeria)
12-MIXED GRILL “A brand new wayo” (Nigeria)
13-BRIGHT ENGELBERTS “Civilisation in the world” (Cameroun)
14-MANU DIBANGO “Soul Makossa” (Cameroun)
15-EL REGO et ses COMMANDOS “Do do baya” (Benin)
16-GNONNAS PEDRO “Yiri yiri boum” (Benin)

Paris DJs & Jewpop

Get ready for some ISRAELI FUNK….

DOWNLOAD: Paris DJs & Jewpop present Funk, Soul, Reggae & Hip Hop From Tel-Aviv (via Paris DJs

01. Laroz – Black people (Kutiman Remix)
02. Karolina & Funset – No Blame
03. Sabbo & Kuti – Pass Another Light feat. Omri (of Hatikva 6)
04. Boom Pam – Surfing Tuba
05. Radio Trip – (Who is) DJ Magic Fingers
06. The Apples – Batash (Alwoojdi)
07. Radio Trip – Whole Wide World
08. The Hoodska Explosive – Russian Sleeping Song
09. The Ramirez Brothers – Mine Funk
10. Schoolmaster Vs. Mixmonster – The Class Bell Rings
11. The Apples – Attention
12. J.Viewz – Smooth Criminal

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