Another GREAT release from Mendez’s El Cuco Recordings, this time with a distinct Transnational Flava and a remarkable story to boot!

Transnational Moombahton at its finest from one of the game-changing labels in the scene!

Santeron (real name unknown) resides in an undisclosed location in Cuba and has been able to get one CD to El Cuco via a complex and costly mule arrangement. All his attempts to ship music or other goods to the US have been thwarted. We found out that he has sent a number of packages containing data and music, but they were obviously intercepted as they never arrived. We learned that sending packages out of Cuba is nearly impossible through their postal service. Two letters he has mailed got through to us, but took over seven weeks to arrive both times.

We were initially keeping the details of Santeron’s struggles under wraps to protect him, but the injustice and censorship in his home nation are too intense for us to remain quiet. His access to internet is expensive, very limited and policed by authorities. Three weeks ago, Santeron had managed to bribe a contact at a hotel for use of their office’s internet connection for 15 minutes. When asked how he first heard of El Cuco Recordings, he explained that he received a flash drive with six of our tracks several months ago from a drummer in a popular local band who had traveled to Haiti. Santeron has infrequent access to state-controlled internet access if he can pay for it by the minute, but is not permitted to access the worldwide version of the internet or send/receive/download files. We had no idea.

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