Greetings fair readers. At this moment I write to you with a mouthful of gauze soaking up blood as what turned out to be a week long adventure of succeeding in getting a couple wisdom teeth pulled has come to an end. Spending all week popping Percocet every three hours or so into my system has made it rather difficult for me to stay focused however easy to stay euphoric. Finally I feel like I can begin to focus again which is much needed in my case. There are too many projects on my plate that I must pay more attention to.

One is as follows; I noticed I like to ramble about on here a considerable amount on politics, society, economics, world news etc. I’m always trying hard to make enough connections between my words and my work (posting cumbia). So I’ve decided to pick up my (which was soon to become buried) website for Nu Cumbia Experience. Also named after cumbia this blog however won’t take from Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Actually the plan is to host different podcasts and radio broadcasts throughout the week as well as have specific cumbia artist exhibitions that will go deep into the artists and post a considerable amount of their work (this on occasion). The other thing I wish to do there is bring on a few different bloggers to spout out opinions, essays and the like. It might be interesting so please allow me a little time to get it working. The site is up and is at Nu Cumbia Experience.Com. The pro about this for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia is that it will cross promote by links to Generation Bass as well as my archive of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia blog posts. Keep an eye out for it. I really want a place that’s open to the market of ideas and free thought. I don’t want people to feel that they must stick with one sided opinions. No I want people to stand up and debate so we can get the truths out.

Sounds good to me! I have some cool ideas in store. I’m hoping to push this blog in particular to new levels with the cross promotions while keeping this blog unique.

Onto the blog we go starting with the soon to be legend Den5hion with his intense remix of Cumbia Poder by Celso Pina and El Gran Silencio. Den5hion brings his unique flavor into this making it much more powerful. This is Den5hion all the way!

Onto another guy whose music I recently had the pleasure of getting to know, Axolote Pachuco. Starting with T.V. audio samples and then filling the senses with an intense driven cumbia rhythm.

With another brilliant side of Axel this track shows his style and approach but also skill for new ideas.

It’s awesome to see new Gux Swadharma tracks up on the cloud. A perfect return is exactly what his is. Using a familiar sample and bringing into it a whole new life and meaning is exactly what he did.

Furthermore Gux pleasures us with his rendition of a classic.

I have two dope digital tunes by Yahmedle of Kookaboora. First is a more up tempo track filled many sounds from the digital realm.

The second is a digital cumbia dub he just released. The melodies and counter melodies in this one are profound.

Current Sydney resident DJ Faby mixed together this eclectic funky cumbia mix which is like none I’ve quite heard before. It starts traditional, goes into funk and brings into it reggaeton, then onto salsa.

I’m revisiting La Saveur again this week because he dropped his declaration of love with his new one. And it sounds really cool too.

To promote their new EP The Empresarios hooked up with four remixers to bring their flavor to The Empresarios’ sound. This is the first one and sure to be a dope hit from J. Boogie.

One of my all time favorite producers released several new tracks this past couple of weeks. H.D.L.T. is the name and he never ceases to stimulate my imagination. He keeps it chill, dark and unique. Here is his latest.

A Mover Minimix is the perfect title and label for Dash Selektor’s new mix. Always with energy Dash delivers on time.

I hear Bleepolar’s sound strong in his remix. It’s his beats and that soft voice that strategically comes on the three. He hit it on the head with this remix of Anthony B.

The always deeply spiritual sound of Abel Digital is back but this time there’s a unique difference than his usual approach. He brings the ragga.

That ends it this weekend. Wish my mouth a speedy recovery!

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