End of Feb already.. had a huge month with Blip Festival Australia happening so apologies if I missed some things this month.. (pic from Graff artist Gameboyone.)


The one and only ChipBass powerhouse that is James York aka Cheapshot is about to drop a new release called Streets of Bass and its going to be huge.. a follow up to the amazing zOMG! release last year you can hear for yourself with this exclusive preview of the track Minger.. Stay tuned to Cheapshots Facey for download details

Awesome Chipbass / Skweee / Game Boy wonk from this Finnish bro. Really love hearing his particular sound develop hopefully see a new release soon



O Samuli A

Some more stuff from Finland, wonky Chipstep available on Vinyl!! Really keen on the groove that is in some of these tracks



Kodek & Not Fear

Straight up Ice Funk Skweee, great to hear Kodek exploring some new sounds and working with other artists this is really quality .. cool fun video and name your price download.. no excuses grab it.




So the first one of these came out a few years back this one is even better. Including some of the biggest names in Chipmusic and some of the hardest bassheads as well (Cheapshot, cTrix, Knife City, Sabrepulse to name a few). really liking the sound of a lot of these tracks and its all free grab both this one and the old one from the site HERE




Australian Voodoo Bass scientist delivers this new freebie. It was the last track he played as the Opening act of Blip Fest Australia and it really left an impression on me.. Huge Abstract Massive rhythms and great sound design.. grab it!




Finland is killing it this month.. This release is one of the first that I know of that is an artist who is active within the chipmusic scene being released on a well known Skweee label. A great release and very true to the skweee stylings whilst keeping a very authentic chip flavour as well. Highly Highly recommended. Also a reminder that this guy is part of weekly beats and has been uploading some great jams HERE

Read full review of Tijuana Bible – DKSTR on Boomkat.com ©



Weekly Beats Roundup
Fossa – Proto Dynastic Felines Some electro skweee funk badness .. NICE!
Minikomi – Nauticus Omnivore Again killer track from Minikomi even if it was mucking about with software he doesn’t like
bleo – standard deduction wonky funky and all sorts of weirdness, somehow holds together into an awesome track
Lazerbeat – 06 Monsters This track totally nails an emulation of the chipbass sound and then some.. like cheapshot with added grit or something
Dos.Putin – 4’rizza Huge Bassy Chipstep funk from the renamed 486kid..

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