Some kid with big hair who likes to make weird music. "Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta."


So while I’m writing this I find myself at Wayne & Wax’s house, where his daughter is giving me a laptop to work and my wife a cooking pan to cook me dinner haha.

Yesterday I had a gig here in Boston for the first time, which was awesome!! It was probably the gig I was most nervous for lol, because it was Wayne’s party and I didn’t wanna fuck up. Also I met some sick Breakcore producers at the party and even a sudden surprise visit of Drumcorps! And who would’ve thought that there were so much Dominicans up in here, a bunch came to the party so you know I gotta hit up some of these Dominican spots for food haha. BOW!!

Besides the gig I also had my 2nd release ever which was the Moombahtonista EP on Mad Decent, FINALLY!

Seriously everything was on point with that man, from Angel Doze and Blass on the release and Wayne & Wax doing the write up, to Franklin ‘El Medico’ doing the mastering (a.k.a. TEH reggeton engineer!). It’s not the last you will hear from that release and be on the lookout for that. I’ve seen all the support on Twitter/Facebook/Blogs.

THANK YOU so much for that man!!!

Seriously it’s incredible to think that I’m already more than 2 years in this and after the whole brain thing last year (basically spending the entire year recovering), I’m ready to do this shit again!

That is not the only thing, because I also had the release on Mau5trap being on Noisia’s ‘Split The Atom’ remix album.

It’s incredible, also being the only remix I was intimidated to make lol. and of course… I’M ON A RELEASE WITH NOISIA AND CURRENT VALUE FUCK YEAHHHH!!!!!!! Ok. Yes. Just letting you know – i’m that stoked haha.

This track was a mix between Skullstep/Moombahcore/Metal/Baile Funk, and just an attempt to let people know that Moombahton can be way more than bleepy-ton haha.

With this it was my first succeeded attempt on mixing Moombahton with the darker side DnB, which i’ve been planning on for a long time haha. First glimpse you could hear on the Nadastrom collabo on ‘Say My Name’, which Matt with his DnB background made so on point.


OK, ok. I love talking about shit and I talk even more about music, but this is to introduce the 3rd release this week.

Introducing the free EP once again at the end of the month, this month with the long delayed 3ball Dub EP!

This contains the ‘Skrillex Es Un Montro’ track, 3Ball remix of my favorite Dubstep track Noah D’s ‘Serious’ and a 3Skull remix of Chase & Status’ ‘Smash TV’ (still a favorite on my MP3 lol). And as you might know, I like to write some more info on the tracks when releasing it – and that’s what I’m doing now BOW!

1. Chase & Status – Smash TV (Munchi’s 3Skull ‘Shoryuken’ Remix)

So this is still one of my favorite DnB tracks. FUCK, that filtered synth thingy that goes on the thirds is SO GOOD.

I always wanted to remix this track so I eventually did and I was still doubting to release it, but eventually after a remastering I did now as you can see lol! I put some Street Fighter samples in it and some reeses and Skullstep snares and also an unexpected random Street Fighter fight somewhere in the track for fun, lol. And of course the most important element which is the 3ball. BAM!

2. Munchi – Skrillex Es Un Montro

HA! I remember when I first heared this track, and I was like WTF. Tittsworth showed me when it still was called ‘Untitled’ lol. I made a Moombahcore remix of it which I never put out, but only played on gigs.

Then I made a 3ball remix of it and waited until it was out there so that I could put it up on Soundcloud. I’ve been asked a shitload of times for this remix, until someone put up a ripped version and everyone started playing out that lol. And on Youtube people said that it was Moombahton, because it was on a Moombahton mixtape for some reason. But after a long delay here is haha!!

3. Noah D – Serious (Munchi’s 3Ball Remix)

My favorite Dubstep track. Yes, this track. I fucking love it. Everytime Nicon played it at the Subway parties in Rotterdam – I just waited for that track to come up haha. It was actually going to be an official remix, but since I kinda took too long I was like it’s all good. Free shit is what it’s about anyway BOW!


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