This weekend’s post is going to be unbelievably cool. I mean that. It’s so cool that I just can’t believe it. Not that I refuse to believe it, it’s just that I simply can’t (I’ve got some G-d issues too). I spelled God G-d because I didn’t want to alienate my theist readers even though with this clarification of my reasoning for the spelling I’ve ruined my guise. Oh well still this is different. I can’t believe how cool this post is but at least I have proof for you ( 😉 ). This is cooler than hipster cool. Because there’s no ironic cool here. I’m no hipster so when I say something is cool I mean it. I would wear a Hall and Oates shirt with pride not because I’m being ironic by ironically liking them, no I actually love them. The same can be said about Steve Winwood. I will punch you if you say anything bad about Steve Winwood! There’s no hipster irony there. Just like there’s no hipster irony here on this post.

Enough ranting let’s get down to business shall we…

Check out this unbelievably cool remix by Mezcal Sound System. It hurts because it’s so cool. From the beginning with the repeat tease onto the Skrillex sample drop to the dope cumbia.

Spike Devil Disco always keeps the cool coming. He is really original and creative with his style of nu cumbia. He drives a lot of the cumbia scene in Mexico with his Fiestas Pirata. He dropped this one this Friday. It’s a real digital cumbia with an intro that I love. I love because it takes its time and I’ve always had a thing for spacing things out allowing them to breathe.

Don Peke is a new face I am bringing to Sexxy Saturday. It took me a while to find him but I’m grateful I did. He brings a unique style to his tracks. His style is all over the place and he makes it all fit together quite well. With his cumbia he brings in the sounds of the Balkans

Dany F is actually well known around here. He likes to bring his nu cumbia into deep territories. This time he takes us deep into the heart of Africa or in this case Afro-Colombia.

The crazy friends of mine from Caballito Net Label posted some really cool deep remixes of WEPA crew’s Profunda Meditacion. Caballito is a perfect team for a job like this and they show major respect. Check out their post here (makes me dizzy) to read more.

Bigote takes the meditation deep. He keeps the ethereal WEPA feeling while bringing his own unique style to the mix.

With a little more energy and punch this one was remixed by AIOM.

Onto The Ghetto Electric Sessions (no relation to General Electric) with good friends Wubzilla and Danger Girl. They just started these sessions this past week. You can hear them every Thursday 6:30 pm New Zealand time (which is Wednesday for most of us). I listened to this and the mix is really quite impressive. I’m hoping very soon to be streaming them from Nu Cumbia Experience (we’re working on it).

Episode 1 by The_Ghetto_Electric_Sessions on Mixcloud

Now I’m going to do something I haven’t done before. I’m going to go back in time. What I mean by this is I have a couple of videos to tracks that were posted here in the past; basically to take them to a visual level.

Sonidos Profundos one of my all time favorites (I even included a couple of his tracks on my last mixtape) with Mish Mish was an incredible sonic experience. I posted this track a few months back but here it is with intoxicating visuals.

DJ Umb posted Mr. Ioso’s nu cumbia edit of The Bloody Beetroots’s song Warp approximately a year ago. A few months back Mr. Ioso edited it to a video of cinema and musical classic Puttin On The Ritz starring Fred Astaire. It fits in this really cool way. You’ll see what I mean.

Bondi Blaster (writer/DJ/producer Juan Data) is about to drop his new EP on March 6th. This preview is really awesome. The guitar is clean and sweet. It has that awesome classic chicha sound and a very upbeat feel to it. The percussion is tight and all over the place at same time. The whammy on the guitar brings a new element. The accordion fits nicely in the background as do the vocals. I’m really looking forward to this EP release. Actually I’m lying because one of the perks of being a blogger is I get a lot of EP’s early so I can listen to them long before their release. This one delivers trust me! Check out the press here. Until you get to download the EP here’s a special treat just for you.

I’m a sucker for both Champeta and African classic jams. I’m really into Soukous which mostly is Congolese (check out Soukous dancing. In my opinion it should replace Zumba). Uproot Andy and Chief Boima produced this dope remix of a classic Soukous song called Sina Makosa. I know this is a cumbia blog but I justify champeta due to respect for Afro-Colombian roots.

I jump back into a more nu cumbia sound with another producer new to Sexxy Saturday. Tropicalbeatscocosett is the jumbled up name they go by and the first and only track up so far is called Tropistep. You must check this one out. I hope to hear more from the name above to big for me to spell again because I’m too lazy yet not too lazy to explain why with a very long explanation.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something from El Gayo Negro mainly because he seemed to have been silent until lately. Here he dropped a teaser of his newest work. It has drive and energy and sounds great. It’s good to hear from him again.

DJ Sho-T revamped and reenergized a classic from La Sonora Dinamita perfect for the club scene. He chops it up very nice in the intro and drops the dembow into the mix. I can hear the Ableton influence in it.

That’s it folks. If you read up to here then you know it was cool.

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