The mutha’ of all chill out albums? Maybe!

A classic, I had to pay homage to it.

Still got it on vinyl and the first time I heard it, I thought it echoed some of Eno’s ambient works, but this is a mix and so at that time, it was like nothing I’d ever encountered before.

I mean they had sampled Tuvan throat singers 20 years before the Global Roots afficianado’s would get into that kinda thing.

It is a pure musical journey starting off from what sounds like the summit of the world (a place near my own blood line) the Himalayas and going to outer space and then back to certain parts of this world like Russia, Africa and the Deep South of America!

yep, weird and truly Transcendental!

I never considered this a Transnational Chill out mix but something about it always reminded me of many different places in the world.  It was only when  I looked at the Wiki write-up, before putting this post together, that it is indeed acknoweldged that it has Transnational elements:

Despite the specific US settings, Chill Out is multi-ethnic, its journey taking in pastoral shepherds, Russian broadcasts, Tuvan throat singers (“Dream Time in Lake Jackson”), exotic birds, and an African-sounding original female vocal from The JAMs’ 1987 (What the Fuck Is Going On?) that later became The KLF’s “Justified and Ancient”.

The Elvis samples always got me right here <333 and the second side (on vinyl) or latter part of the mix was always my favourtite part, which has beautiful samples of Albatross by Fleetwood Mac that fade in and out of the mix.

It also gets very manic at around the 30 mnute mark with the preaching of Evangelist Bill Graham and that always use to scare the shit out of me but then in parts it would mutate into something very beautiful and cinematic before going back into the Evangelism.

The mix always felt a bit like being stuck between Heaven & Hell and in limbo too, seperately at times, one after the other at other times and then also simultaneously, at times!!!!

Unbeknown to me until I read that wiki piece, it also includes a guitar solo from the classic Van Halen debut album from the track “Eruption” and man I played that track to death but never recognized the sample!!

I thought I’d never like Acker Bilk’s “Stranger on the shore” but this record makes me like even that!!!

Each time I now hear all these tracks mentioned above, I think about this record and the initimate relationship I share with it.

I just luv this album and it would defintley rank in my all time top 10!

I can’t give you a download but you can hear the whole album for yourself via the vid below!

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