Super Cool Compilation by Ginger Shinobi, which came out about a week ago. Apologies for the delay in getting it up here.

This compilation is what the Moombahton scene needed, away from the Bleepyton (as Munchi calls and going for a much Deeper & Classier take on the genre. Awesome cuts by Sabo, 13th Tribe, Andy Kisaragi, Banginclude, John Disgraceland and Ginger himself amongst many others.   Also includes a lot of new names not previously on the MoombahRegister and so this is very encouraging too.

Top quality all around and top marks for delivering this beauty, which might stand out as one of the Moombahton Compilations of 2012.

So many great tracks to play in an early warm up set or a Post club party. Really looking forward to volume 2!

Thanks so much to Ginger for paying to us some credit too for inspiring this collection.

Here’s the PR:

London moombahton DJ Ginger Shinobi takes a tour into moombahton’s deepest sounds on MoombahDeep Volume 1. For a style of music less than three years old, moombahton’s depth and breadth of styles covered is impressive. Moombahton’s most popular edge blends dubstep and hard electro, however, this compilation promises far more expansive and tech-house friendly sounds.

Moombahdeep features producers ranging from genre forefather DJ Sabo through to Shinobi himself and a plethora of rising creators in the dembow-heavy sound slowly dominating dancefloors worldwide. Tracks like percussive expert The 13th Tribe’s The Numerologist feature heavy tech house vibes that take a party deep into the night. Proving that moombahton is more than just the indie pop wonder of 2012, these are the sounds that put moombahton’s staying power on display!

Ginger Shinobi: “MoombahDeep Vol.1 is a collection of Moombahton inspired by the classic sound of deep house and techno, and by Generation Bass’ excursions into moombahton beyond the limitations of Dutch house and hastily produced edits. I have decided to include any track submitted that excited me, that made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck or simply made me want to dance. I’ve trusted the integrity of the individual producer to interpret the brief anyway they wanted – I think this has given a broad and interesting sound to the compilation. You can’t tell what it is going to sound like from the title. In late 2011 I spent a lot of time trawling the internet for Moombahton tunes with a deeper vibe as preparation for my DJ sets, and I realised I couldn’t quite find enough tunes, that was how MoombahDeep was born. I took the title from a tag used on SaBBo’s Deepahton EP and set about asking my favourite producers to submit a tune. Almost everyone said yes – and those that didn’t are top of my hitlist for Vol. 2.”

MoombahDeep Vol. 1 full tracklist

Smash & Grab – Robohton
The 13th Tribe – The Numerologist
Andy Kisaragi – Chromatic Night
3 Na-Massa – Enladeirada (Christian Prommer remix / Sabo Re-Edit)
Zsonic – Sould Ride (Take it Deep)
Nguzunguzu – Strut (Banginclude Moomabahton Remix)
Disgraceland – Go West Ft. MC Lowqui
Johnny T – Moombahbomb
Vapid – Saxaton
Johnny T & Disgraceland – Age of Moombahton Love
Anton Kemermen – Rawr
Catfish & the Bottlemen – Sidewinder (Ginger Shinobi’s Deep Moombahton Remix)
Virtual Boy – Memories of a Ghost (Mango Troops – C.O.D.A VIP – remix)
Mr9Carter – Return to Halcyon

DOWNLOAD the whole collection HERE!


I completely forgot to add this interview with Ginger Shinobi until he just reminded, and he even says some GREAT things about “ME” and so here it is:

GB: How did u first get into moombahton?

GS: I first got into moombahton because a young blogger by the name of DJ UMB clogged up my facebook feed talking about producers like Munchi and Heartbreak, and after a year of ignoring him I decided to have a listen (I was desperately searching for ‘unique’ tunes for a DJ gig at the time). I listened to a few tunes and then was in love, that was 6-7 months ago.

GB: What was the inspiration behind compiling the MoombahDeep comp?

GS: Shortly after my first encounter with Moombahton I was getting really bored with the botched edits, squeaky dutch house synths and Skrillex wannabes (all those things are okay in small doses, but I can’t listen to that stuff for more than 5 minutes). I was lucky enough to get a promo copy of Deepahton by Sabbo and I knew I’d heard the future, well my future. I decided to spin this new deeper style of moombahton at some gigs I had lined up at the time. Sadly I couldn’t really find enough tunes to build a whole set out of, and from there an idea was born. Basically I thought if I invented a compilation based around the sounds I wanted to DJ producers would send me tunes I could DJ with, and guess what – that’s exactly what’s happened.

GB: What do you think of the end result?

GS: I am really proud of the producers who made it onto the compilation. I had a lot of great submissions and those that made it onto the comp have really pushed themselves, outside of their comfort zones, to create something amazing. Moombahdeep Volume 1 is deep, dark and sexy. I feel really lucky to be able to put my name on the front of this album.

GB: Do you agree that it still has some way to go because although the comp is full of good material, when compared to actual Deep House, the production and ideas are not as great or as Deep as Deep House tracks?

GS: Well, now you have made your point (which may be true to some extent), let me come back at you. I think the artists on the compilation have really come up trumps, many of them hadn’t considered the fact that moombahton could sound any different from the traditional style before agreeing to give me a tune, and they may not have a background in the genres I asked them to be inspired by.

The tracks on the compilation all stand on their own two feet as great tunes and if you listen to Moombahdeep Volume 1 from start to finish the whole is clearly greater than the sum of its parts. Now the ball is rolling, expect to be surprised by what comes next.

GB: What’s next on your agenda?

GS: Right now I am busy worrying about my difficult second album (Moombahdeep Volume 2), but expect an announcement sooner rather than later. I am also cooking up something really exciting for Moombahdeep volume 3.

At the same time as establishing the Moombahdeep series I am pushing the work of the record label I run with Vince Millett (from Secret Archives of the Vatican) by signing up great moombahton artist and have a couple of releases planned for the first half of 2012.

Personally I continue to put together the best deep moombahton for my DJ sets and mixtapes (although I have to admit all this DJIng in nightclubs, work on the compilations and the label means my monthly mixtapes haven’t been as regular as I would like). I am also putting together two mixtapes for moombahton record labels Ninethewave and one I am not yet allowed to talk about.

My first love is love DJing in nightclubs especially as the deep moombahton sound is going down so well for me. I am lucky enough to get to take the moombahton sound outside of my London hometown most months and would love to hear from anyone that would like me to come and DJ for them.

Listen to all of Moombahdeep Volume one here:

Download the whole compilation here (free!)

Download Ginger Shinobi’s Deep Moombahton Mix here:

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