[Artwork:Núñez Ferrara from #401]

This amazing EP comes out this Friday and it truly is some of the most original and unique stuff we’ve heard.

Yes, it’s been a loooong time coming but finally it it here now!!

Stream the mini-mix, read the PR, watch the awesome video and then grab some freebies NOT on the EP!

Generation Bass presents Javier Estrada’s Prehispanico!

Music is everything man. Music is global and music is power. Music is the means to global communication, in rhythm and words, and in harmony. We are always on the lookout for new people to join the ranks of the growing, global Generation Bass family that communicates through sound, and it looks like we struck gold with Mexico’s most exciting new producer, Javier Estrada. He is new to many people but we’ve been championing him since 2010 after giving him his first exposure on the worldwide blogosphere.

This man delivers everything from tribal to moombahton to pre-hispanic dubstep in a unique, fun-loving, high-energy and tropical manner. Javier’s prolific production portfolio is a tour-de-force through the best that Latin America has to offer in this new burgeoning tropicalized electronica scene and a show of all the possibilities that exist within the ever-expanding world of tropical bass.

This forthcoming EP on Generation Bass is something REALLY special though. This is a slice of deep, Prehispanic rhythmic music, which tries to capture the essence of the Aztec people. The shuffling, slowly evolving and hypnotizing riddims remind us of the impenetrable jungles of South-America and the mystic blood rituals of the Aztecs.

We can try to paint this picture through words but the real power of this release is in its actual musical form. The combination of South American melodies, rhythmic and bass elements that refer to cumbia and of course, guarachero, mixed with the sheer power of crisp modern production is what does the real talking here.

Everyone at Generation Bass has been blown away by this release and everyone who has heard bits and snippets of it is equally impressed. We believe this might be one of the most interesting things you will hear in 2012. If you have ever seen the clips of young kids in Mexico that wear shoes with tips that almost reach their face dancing to this, you know it is the real deal… Be sure to pick this up and keep your eye out for Javier Estrada, a prolific and skilled producer that will take on the world one percussion layer at a time.

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