Another great new release from the El Cuco crew and this one could be their biggest yet.

Amazing tune from some dudes based in Spain!

Grab it from BEATPORT

Here’s what Mendez says:

For our next release, we present Beauty Brain teaming up with Poisound bringing you the modern masterpiece “BULLFIGHTER”. Both artist hailing from Spain with some serious beats and bass. This tune has set a standard here at our label grabbing you from the initial Flamenco guitar intro to the insane drop and back again. We expect many new things from Beauty Brain this year.

On a serious note, Beauty Brain, Poisound and the rest of us here at the label are very against Bullfighter and any animal cruelty. It is a very real issue, we understand tradition but bullfighting is pure torturing of a living being. As the slogan states in Spain ” Tortura no Cultura” . This release could be considered a protest against such cruelty.

Great Vid:

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