We’ve posted some stuff by our man SLICK SHOOTA before, but now he has an exclusive to share with us, which is what we at GB totally love of course! He’s dropping a new EP on the LOOSE SQUARES label, run by that dude CHRISSY MURDERBOT (for his beef with our juke wizzard Dave Quam, make sure to follow both of them on twitter, cause its fuckin hilarious..). Slick Shoota is a producer from Trondheim, Norway who has developed his own unique musical style—a combination of juke, garage, booty bass, breaks, and old school jungle. He’s already been getting attention for his remix work, covering a diverse range of artists and labels: Fuzzy Logik (Safe & Sound), Dev79 (Slit Jockey), Heartbreak (Mad Decent), Mr. Mitch (Butterz), Joss Ryan (DVA Music), Falty DL (Planet Mu), and more. Expect some serious juke-ness here mate, cause SLICK drops some killer tracks like:

and the soulful, almost ROMANTIC (yes…) juke banger:

of course there’s a freebie we’ve blogged before which is this awesome MURDER MARK remix:

and an oldie – also a FREEBIE – a HEATBREAK remixxxx:

and then we get down to business mane! His first EP for Loose Squares contains five tracks of forward-thinking, boundary-pushing juke hybrids—from booty-meets-grime party-smashers like “Eye Turn Red” and “Hit The Flow” (featuring up-and-comer 5kin&bone5), to the soulful, garage-inspired “Love You You You” and “Beby”. We here at Loose Squares are really excited to present these new sounds. A must have for 2012!” The whole ep available to listen to at the LOOSE SQUARES HQ

this new EP is already getting dj support from dudes like:
Scratcha DVA
DJ Spinn
Chrissy Murderbot


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