Out now on #FEELINGS, Mama Testa’s new EP combines UK/MX funky, 3ball & rave in a future-retro-global-local melting pot – 4 originals plus 4 remixes including one from myself. Chopped r&b vocals rub up against post-everything synths and jukey drums (#seapunky EP opener Wet Feet), and then against old skool stabs & MXfunky beats (Estoesparauds). 3balesque triplets then take over on Globalized and Pale Purple, which both evoke a sort of 808State-goes-to-Mexico feel.

On remix duties Mitewort and Arms&Suites both expand the twisted juke feel of Wet Feet with Arms&Suites going a bit industrial, while Corvovado twists Estoesparauds into a wonky balaeric sunset.

My own take on the same tune ramps the tempo up into a sort of psy-trance-ukfunky mutant, check it…

Check out the release & grab the original of Estoesparauds free here:

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