So one of my favourite producers has entered into the dodgy world of compiling!

I luv David Beltran’s work as a producer as Starfoxxx, STLKRFXXX and many other different guises and so when he sent me this new compilation, I couldn’t wait to hear it.

Upon first impressions it looks like a #seapunk compilation and of course I’d heard about this new meme/ideology/fashion statement/movement/scene but had not fully explored it and so I thought this presented the perfect opportunity for that.

However, David assured me that this compilation, albeit looking like a seapunk compilation as it’s cover denoted, was in fact not a compilation about seapunk. Rather it was a compilation  of a collection of tracks from all these producers he knew and included some seapunk, some moombah, some juke, some uk!

Here’s what one of the other dudes involved in the compilation, from The New Montreal blog says:

One of the things that I love most about electronic music is that it exists in a constant state of evolution. In the last couple years, we’ve seen entire genres rise and fall in the matter of only a few months as producers and audiences struggle to find or create the next big sound. In that spirit, myself and a few fellow music addicts have been hard at work trying to create a fresh new fusion of styles designed to delight your eardrums and bring a lot of diverse styles of electronic music together under one roof. The result? Peasunk Volume 1.

The idea was to go beyond and beneath the traditional boundaries of music by fusing elements of garage, UK funky, house, juke, hip-hop and whatever else into something you just can’t help but vibe to. The tracks on this compilation come from a lot of very, very talented up and coming producers who I’ve gotten to know over the last few months, and Peasunk Vol. 1 is just the beginning of something much bigger. We’re excited about what’s on the horizon, so give it a listen and spread the word if you like what you hear. You can download the whole compilation below, and keep your eyes peeled for Volume 2 not too far down the road. Check us out

Listen/DL the mini-mix here:

Does it work?

Yeah I luved it and I thought it was very refreshing. I didn’t find anything new or innovative on it but I enjoyed listening to it cause it covered so much different ground.  It starts off very strong but then kinda fades away though.  So maybe a few too many fillers cause it didn’t keep me engaged throughout BUT some very strong & potent stuff on this.

The best thing is that it actually turned me onto seapunk and so watch out for some posts on that coming soon from Alex Yabsley (our Chip Bass dude), David Heartbreak (yes, the King Kong of Moombahton himself) and me too.

In the meantime download this beauty cause it’s very atmospheric, refreshing and not cliched at all, you can’t go wrong by downloading this if you love Electronic music and appreciate great production!

Grab it from DANCE MEAT



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