Yes, GOVERNMENT 4000 has dropped it, you pick it up RIGHT HERE for free!

Here`s a bit more official info about this Belgrader written by none other than James Hurrell:

“Vladimir Popović aka Government 4000 is one of the leading lights in the global bass scene in Eastern Europe. Listen closely as Brazilian baile funk meets Balkan beats, gypsy grooves, electro folk and more global bass to get you moving.
The diversity of world bass music is perfectly captured here. Forward-thinking and fresh, these new sub-genres rely on modern technology yet are heavily inspired by traditional cultures. They’re global yet influenced by very local experiences. And more than anything this new musical landscape is colourful, fun and constantly evolving. In Government 4000 they have found themselves a champion where Easts meets West and where everybody comes to dance.”

And, of course, the playlist in a form of exclusive CD cover made by Marko Svirčević:




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