So I finally sat down and dove into Ableton at the begining of the year, and it’s become this ridiculous addiction that everybody supports. From Munchi pushing me to keep progressing and working, to the music friends of mine that respect my ear for music, it just seems like the next logical step. I spent YEARS making refixes. This wasn’t because I particularly cared about being notable. It was just to brag that i had tracks that nobody else had, and the mindset to put things together that don’t normally co-exist.

But this is the first original track I’ve produced (and refixed) that I’m actually pushing and proud of. The whole point of what I was doing was to push producers to think outside of the box. To make something I wanted to hear. Trap elements with electronic sounds and deep sub bass. And I got tired of waiting.

This came together in an evening, and was cleaned up in an afternoon. I hope you like it. And if you don’t, get low. More is on the way.

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leave me alone.

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