I have a simple question for you dear readers; how many times must I try REAL Mexican food before I’ve actually tried REAL Mexican food? I’ll explain my meaning. One thing the bugs me about being Caucasian and from the U.S. is that Mexicans continue to insist that I try real Mexican food. The suggestion will spark up when I’m around food of any kind and am with a Mexicano. The words will come out of their mouth similar to the likes of this, “You really must try REAL Mexican food sometime. The food here isn’t REAL Mexican food.” They say this as if I eat only at Taco Bell and other Mexican fast food chains. Actually just earlier this week the suggestion came from the mouth of someone whom I distinctly remember having Taco Bell a few days prior to their said suggestion. I on the other hand rarely eat any kind of fast food. Normally I’m a dine in restaurant kind of guy or a prepare my own food kind of guy. Now in all fairness when suggested that I should try REAL Mexican food in these circumstances I wasn’t engaged in eating REAL Mexican food. However I have taken it upon myself or have been forced to try REAL Mexican food on many an occasion. Normally it’s a situation where I was invited to try REAL food or simply in the right place at the right time, like being in Mexico for example. How many times I ask you my friends. How many times do I have to TRY REAL Mexican food before I’ve actually have had it? It seems like a never ceasing suggestion that will come my way for many years to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if the suggestion doesn’t stop long after I’m dead. I’m saying this because God forbid I reply with, “I have had REAL Mexican food.” That just labels me a know-it-all for some unapparent reason.

I apologize for my rant but I had to get it out of me. It’s something I obviously encounter quite often.

Now let us try some REAL nu cumbia.

Chico Selectah whom resides in Brooklyn very recently dropped his new track. A very simple yet effective cumbia remix.


Sonido Desconocido II took this song over and blew it up! That’s the only way I can describe it. A Muppets classic made into a hard hitting digital cumbia is something I never thought I’d encounter. I’m incredibly glad that I did encounter it however. It’s really awesome


DJ Unite also bring us a dope cumbia edit. It’s a smooth ragga cumbia edit.


One sound that is close to my personal taste is cumbia futuristica. I love the strong melodies and use of repetition. Cybernetiko is becoming a king of it. Honestly Cybernetiko’s trance influenced cumbia is the best out there. I have his newest one for you.


I love Pastor Lopez ‘s Mentirosa, it’s a feel good cumbia and always brings peace to me when I hear it. Café de Calaveras dropped this dope respectful edit of it this past week.


El Timbe got his hands on Super Gauchin and came out with a remix of Un Pirata Soy. It’s pacing is well done making it a really unique remix.


In respect of Bondi Blaster’s EP that was released on March 6th I have a couple remixes. First is Bigote’s Chorizo Primavera remix in his graveton style.


The second remix is by Kinky Electric Noise with a champeta cumbia digital style.


A real too damn heavy cumbia dub edit was brought to my attention by [email protected] This hits hard!


My fidget-cumbiastep hermano in Mendoza Pika Mza is back on the internet scene with another track with his dope style of choice. Pika’ tracks are always a pleasure for me to listen to.


It seems like I’m posting a lot of remixes and among them dubs this week and I am. A lot of great remixes were released this week. What can I say?

Next up is Tijuana Experimental with a Manu Chao cumbia dub remix.


Here is an original by the well known Frente Cumbiero. This was a project put on the shelf for a while but now is here for all to dig. So dig diggers.


I’m excited that Max Becker hit me up today to send me his new Los Chicos Altos minimix. For some reason it went right past me when it was uploaded. Los Chicos Altos went deep into the Afro-Colombian sound with this mix. For all that loves these sounds look no further for it further lookers of these sounds.


Bigote really did it this time! Showing respect to the Mapuche he remixed a documentary video using sound clips from it as well. It came out to be a cool deep cumbia audio/video remix.

Mixing Kenyan music, house and cumbia and you’ll get the new remix by Jack Posada. Jack respects the roots of music and he shows it with his remixes and edits.


Los yes yes never sounded better. Sped up, fuzzed up, and redrummed up by none other than the great Spike Devil Disco of Fiestas Pirata!


Last on the list for this weekend is a new comer here, well sort of. It’s actually Jose Antonio Cuadrelli of Alto Peru. Here is with his own personal cumbia dub under the moniker El Lobby Sound. I love the repetition.


Well that about wraps it up for this weekend. If you want more of me and why wouldn’t you? You can find more weekly authoring on my site NuCumbiaExperience.Com alongside Cumbionico. Also for the politically minded check out our friend Mata Hari’s newish Facebook group Occupy Bass. If you want more liberty then check out RightsOfLiberty.Com where I peacefully rant with logic and reason.


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