FILASTINE, The head of the counter-culture label Post World Industries, continues to renovate and renegade forms of Online/Social/Media/Art Activism with his latest EP COLONY COLLAPSE. You might have seen the kickstarter late last year where he pledged for some support finishing the HD videos and completing the EP. He got the support of a crowd and the videos got completed. The result is raw, authentic, and rhythmic.

The title track got remixed by an international cast of rebels; each taking it to a completely different place.

We are happy to make the title track available for download again after the it has reached the limit on SC. (320Kbps MP3)

Please grab the EP, continue to support such valuable work , oh and a full album is coming next month so stay tuned for more of the genious mind of Grey FILASTINE!


Post World Industries
Catalog ID : PWI103
UPC: 73621172643
Colony Collapse (EP/video) Febrero 29, 201
LOOT (full album LP) Abril 3, 2012.

After a two year hiatus from releases, nomadic bass music producer Filastine is set to drop his third album LOOT this spring. The first warning is this EP, Colony Collapse, an opus of a track, video & concept that comes backed by a grip of beautiful remixes.
For Colony Collapse Filastine paired up with Nova, indy rapper/singer/poetess from Malang, Indonesia. The duo worked on the track and video an entire year, from an initial session in Barcelona to the final vocal recordings conducted in a Javanese forest.

Grinding bass wobbles salvaged from shipwreck of dubstep support delicate metallic gong patterns recorded at the world’s largest collection of gamelan orchestras in Sanur, Bali. Colony Collapse is full of intricate layers and acoustic tricks, listen closely and listen loud.

If the title and the lyrics of Colony Collapse aren’t explicit enough, the video leaves no doubt about the concept. It is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. Filastine & team entered into industrial disasters, floods, traffic snarls and scaled a mountain of garbage to show you the slow-motion apocalypse, uncomfortably close and personal.

Each remixer took the song to a completely different place, no two sound remotely similar. Beats Antique (US) outdid them- selves: adding live banjo, violin and drums to create a lush composition in their inimitable style. Squeaky Lobster (BE) deliv- ers a masterpiece of stuttered avant-garde glitch-hop. Jarring Effects labelmate L’Ouef Raide (FR) transforms the track into a sparse future bass. A dark dubwise ricochet by Capetown’s Fletcher in Dub (SA) closes it out.

NOTE ON SHARING: If €1 per song, or €2.99 for the whole ep is too deep for your wallets… just listen right here or on other streaming services (Spotify, etc). Please don’t download or post via Mediafire, Filestube, Rapidshare or any of that shit, that makes advertisers and web gatekeepers rich at our expense. Thank you!

Released by: Muti Music , Post World Indutries
Release/catalogue number: Muti106 – PWI103
Release date: Feb 29, 2012

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